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Friday, October 4, 2013

Nursed (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Diagnosed with a terminal disease, Mark had been taken to the hospital to suffer his final days. His friends pooled some cash to get him a stripper to say goodbye. When she arrived in a skimpy nurse’s outfit, Mark was nothing short of confused. The illness was taking its toll, and he was in and out of delirious states. As she undressed, all he could do was ask about what test was next or if they had discovered any treatment. Once she got down to her underwear things got really weird. Mark’s mind got foggier, and it felt like he was now no longer in his bed. It felt like he was standing above his bed and looking down at his own body. Was he having an out of body experience? Was he dead? Where did the nurse go? He was having such trouble figuring it all out. Then he looked down to see his body, the body of the stripper. He began to wonder if he was completely losing his mind. He was in such disbelief at the swap that he told himself he must be delusional at this point. But why let a good delusion go to waste? But the first step was obvious, he needed to get out of the hospital and enjoy the outside world for a while, even if he was convinced it was only in his mind!

1 comment:

  1. WOW what a sytart. Super use of pic. Drsam likke fel wonderful story. Whats happned to her ois thepoor girlin hisbody or?