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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween costume

TG Costume Halloween
It was the annual Halloween party and just about everyone was dressed up in costume. However, one woman no one recognized drew attention from many of the men at the event. She had large breasts contained in a tight PVC dress. It wasn’t much of a costume, per se, but she sure did look hot. But it seemed that no one at the party knew who she was. Despite many guys wanting to take her home, it was hard to flirt with her since she didn’t seem to have any friends there, and she was quick to fight off advances. A man named Tom finally go the courage by the end of the night to just flat out ask her out. She laughed before her voice dropped in tone suddenly.

“Tom,” Her deep, masculine whispered, “It’s me, Brad! I can’t believe I’ve fooled everyone tonight!”

“Brad!?” Tom asked, “That’s you? You have the best costume ever! You look like an actual woman!”

“That’s because the Spells R Us store I went to promised a bit more than your average costume. For the night, I am an actual woman!”

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