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Sunday, October 6, 2013


TG Magic
Seth returned the book to the shelf in the library. It had done him quite well in the past few weeks. The first spell he cast from the ancient book allowed him to steal Tiffany’s body. He had hoped she would accept her new fate in his body, but she would not stop complaining, so he looked up a second spell. This one made her forget who she really was. She now thought she has always been Seth, which left the real Seth to live in Tiffany’s body without anyone to nag him. Of course, all of that was only in the first volume of magic spells. He couldn’t help but wonder what secrets the other books on the shelf held.


  1. No wonder she's not happy. That's a hot body!

  2. Very good story & use of poic. Poor girl. Doies he at least dte the new Seath?