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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Mother Son TG Caption
Ever since Joel swapped bodies with his mom, he had been slowly gaining a new appreciation for her. He didn’t even have to manage much of the tough parts. He’d go to her job, let the inbox pile up, bring it home, have her do it, and then bring it back the next morning. The sheet volume seemed overwhelming.He filled up a spare bad and still had a large pile on top of that to give her. He was certainly glad he could wear sneakers for the commute! When his mom told him that he had to wear heels at the office, he nearly freaked out, but she soon explained her secret. She kept a pair under her desk and only wore them around the office. Anytime she went home, she changed into more comfortable shoes. Joel was glad for the small bit of relieve, but he still hoped they would swap back soon!

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