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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe store (Part 1)

Magic Shoes TG Part 1
Edgar had worked at the shoe store for many years. He didn’t need the money, but he was using the job to scout. And if his suspicions were correct, his scouting could finally come to a close today as he spied Julia Evans walk into the store. She had come in every week over the course of a year, and each week she always bought an expensive pair of shoes. Edgar knew she was young, and he was convinced at this point she had to be rich. She was perfect.

“Hello, Miss Evans! I believe I have the perfect pair for you to try on today,” He said with a smile as he handed her a shoebox.

Julia returned the smile and placed the shoes on her feet. In an instant, Edgar now found he was the one sitting down staring back into his own face. The body swap had worked!

“Not today, Edgar,” He laughed with Julia’s sweet voice, “I’ll think I’ll just look around a bit today.

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