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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Tg Body Swap Caption Great Shift
Jenna hadn’t exactly been enjoying life since the Great Shift. She felt terribly uncomfortable now that she was in a man’s body. It felt weird having something swinging between her legs and having hair in all sorts of places was even stranger. She still tried to keep up much of her girlie routine. Today, she was visiting the salon. Her gay hairdresser Saul had actually ended up in Jenna’s former body. He had been so elated that he offer her gratis visits for life. She shrugged. It wasn’t like she had anything to do with him getting her body in the Shift, but she couldn’t resist the free haircut either. The entire time he yammered on and on about how great it was to be a woman now. He just loved having breasts and wearing low cut dresses. Before the Shift, he had thought he was simply gay, but now he wondered if he had actually been transsexual this entire time. Jenna was starting to get a little annoyed by how he went on and on. It felt like he was rubbing it in her face. She may have a fre trip to the salon anytime she wanted, but if she had to listen to that each time, she wondered if it was worth it!


  1. Wow I love this one. It must be VERY uncomfortable for her, and very exciting for him. He's a lucky gay man shifting into Jenna's body =)

  2. clever & funny great use of poc. He/she is releasingher inner chatter monster