Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Spend the Night

Liz was having a fun night at the club when she saw a cute guy in corner. They exchange some flirty looks before heading out to the dance floor. The night got even better when they started to make out; Liz was really liking this guy. She was downright giddy when he asked, “Do you want to spend the night at my place?” She eagarly agreed as they walked out together.

But once outside, things got strange. The man grabbed her wrist and his hands started to glow. The next thing she notice was that she was looking at her own body walk away.

“Hey!” She shouted in an oddly manly voice and soon adding, “What the hell?”

“You’re spending the night at my place,” Liz’s body said, “And I’m spending the night at yours. In fact, we’re going to be spending every night at each other’s places. If you’re too dumb to notice, I’ve swapped our bodies. I’m you and you’re me. I hope you enjoy being a guy; I hated it. You were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I knew you were the one whose body I was going to steal the moment I saw you. And don’t think you can try to talk your way into giving it back. It was a one-time use spell anyway...”

Monday, May 29, 2023


Saul had been pulling his new Porsche out of the lot when another driver came along and accidentally hit it. The damage was barely visible, but Saul was furious. He got out of his car screaming. The older Asian woman driving the other car got out as well, trying to apologize and exchange insurance information. But Saul was more interested in screaming. Finally, the woman couldn’t take it any more. She recited a few words Saul couldn’t understand, and the next thing he realized, she was driving away not only with his car but also his body!

He now just stood there in a state of disbelief watching it drive off. How could she do this? She took his car AND his life!? And he was now in the body of a 50-year-old woman! But the worst part was that this woman drove a Honda Civic!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Recognized (Part 3)

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The afterparty proved to be a lot more difficult than the runway show. For starters, he didn’t even know who he was, and they would ask him all sorts of questions that he simply didn’t know the answer to. He would just deflect or change the subject. Nobody really pressed; after all, no one had any reason to suspect he wasn’t who he appeared to be. He was having fun, but he was ready to ditch this party, go back home, and turn back into himself. The life of a model was fun for a little while, but he was ready to go back.

Saturday, May 27, 2023


When the Great Shift happened and 95% of the population found themselves swapped into a different body, Raymond could feel something was different immediately. The body he found himself in was just incredibly curvy; it would have been hard not to notice. Still, he wanted to find a mirror but couldn’t seem to locate one in this woman’s home anywhere. Finally, he settled on using her phone and was shocked. It was one thing to realize this body was curvy being inside of it, but looking at the selfies truly just showed everything off to a whole other level. And, he realized, for however long the Great Shift lasted, it was all his.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Lies and Excuses

Brett knew he’d have to come up with some sort of excuse to tell Allison. He wanted to give her some hope, but not too much. Maybe he’d say the magic book was stolen. He could even help her try to track down the person who took it. Of course, he’d knew they’d never find it. He had burned the book by throwing it into a dumpster fire that he passed. It was in that moment that he decided he wanted to stay in Allison’s body, that he didn’t want to use the magic book to switch back with her. The spell that swapped their bodies was in there, and he knew it was the only way to swap back as well. He’d been taking her body for good, but he had been so happy as her these past few days that he couldn’t even dream of giving it back to her. Yes, he was going to have to lie, but so what? It was worth it to keep her body.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Weird Prom (Part 2)

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The door finally opened, and there was Sophia in the body she got from the Great Shift, the body of Adam’s mom. It had been nothing but uncomfortable for Adam ever since it happened. Logically, he knew his girlfriend Sophia was inside that body, but one look and all he could see was his mom. It was especially weird when she tried to talk dirty to him or suggest having a little fun -- he had refused it all so far, blaming it all on still feeling his own discomfort with being female himself now -- but it was actuallt just all too weird hearing it come out of his mom’s mouth. As they took photos together and got in the limo to go, he decided it could wait any longer. Before they even arrived at the prom, he had broken up with her. Sophia was devistated. She ended up in tears all night, but she also completely understood. She knew very well what body she had, and how hard that likely was for Adam.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Ski Trip

“Okay, so we all agree this ski trip really sucked,” Kenneth said as he stood in front of the cabin’s fireplace facing his friends, “But we have one more day here. We need to go out there and find the weird monster that swapped our bodies. I know it looked scary, but it’s not like it killed us; it just swapped our bodies. I know I don’t want to go back to college after this winter break as Jenny. And I’m sure she doesn’t want to back as Dave. And neither Wendy and Dave don’t want to return with the wrong bodies either. Maybe if we go out there, we can find it again and swap back to normal.”

Kenneth was usually pretty good at these sorts of speaches, inspiring his friends to do new things -- however, now that he was in Jenny’s body with her high squeaky voice and her very short, unimposing stature, he just didn’t have his usual gravitas. He certainly wasn’t going to inspire his friend to run after a body swapping monster, even if they were all stuck in the wrong bodies.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Classified File

Classified File #137-A39BJ:

The research center in Hot Springs, New Mexico was shut down on May 24, 1937. Scientists at the center had been tasked with warping space and time and creating a rift into alternate time lines. Early experiments proved promising. Progress was rapid, but control was difficult to maintain. No outcomes could be predicted and panic often set in amongst the team. A skeleton crew has stayed on to dismantle the facility in order to ensure the stranges instances the team were able to produce are contained.

Caption: Lead researcher, Dr. James Woburn, stands in front of the research center showing the unintentional effects of an experiment. Dr. Woburn is unsure if reality warped to transform his body into a woman or if he obtained the body from an alternate time line.

Monday, May 22, 2023

This Will Change the World

Nearly everyone at the research center had attended the funeral of Dr. Alvin Hudson. The man had worked there for over 70 years; he knew everyone. He had done groundbreaking studies on longevity, and some were sure he had experimented on himself a few years that allowed him to work until the day he died, well into his 90s.

No one expected to arrive on Monday morning to see an excited young woman in the main lab.

“Woo! It worked!” She shouted as the first few people entered.

They looked at her puzzled before the woman kept explaining. “It’s me,” She said, “I’m Alvin! I did it! I cheated death! It’s a long story, but I did it! If you’e wondering why I’m female, well...the problem I had with regenerating was all on the Y chromosome, so I just had to eliminate it, and...here I am! Or still am! Yes, my old body still died. And I know this is all a shock, but it worked! This will change the world!”

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Just a Game (Part 2)

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The good news was that Angela in Logan’s body pulled through and got several offers to play for several college teams. The bad news was that Logan and Angela never swapped back. Or, at least, that was the start of the bad news. While Logan had never been a bad student, he still only had a high school education. Keeping up with Angela’s job proved impossible. With no real experience, he ended up with a job as a waitress. He was on his feet all day, the hours were long, an the pay wasn’t great.

He enjoyed following the career of his former body. Angela seemed to be doing a fantastic job on the field, and he even followed the rumors about signings with a major league team. He thought he’d be jealous, but he was actually happy for her.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Got It Maid (Part 2)

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Richard was fortunate that he didn’t swap with the maid upon landing, as people who do so must work during their time on Exchange Island. But because he was swapped mid-visit, Richard could still enjoy the resort like normal. Of course, his new body wasn’t drawing the sort of attention his prior body on the island had received. But he didn’t care. He was still going to lounge by the pool in a bikini and show off his body. Feeling the jiggle of his now larger belly felt strange, but he was really enjoying this even larger chest. Plus, next time he came, with the VIP past, he’d be able to have his choice of bodies. But even this one wasn’t really all that bad!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Leading Edge (Part 3)

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The meeting was schedule the day after the festival was over. Heather offered to let David stay at her place and borrow clothes, but he felt more comfortable at his own place and borrowed some stuff from his sister.

When he finally arrived at the tech bro’s office, instead of having a way to switch back to normal, several legal documents were shoved in David’s face. It seemed that despite developing a way to switch bodies, the dude hadn’t yet figured out how to safely swap people back, and David and Heather were being offered huge cash settlements.

David was resigned to the fact that he was going to be stuck as Heather for a lot longer, but he could turn down millions of dollars. He did, however, pause at the non-disclosure clause, and explained that he had told his sister already. The lawyers scribbed and added some language and told David she would have to come down as soon as possible as well, but that it shouldn’t be a problem. And so David signed, prepared to be Heather for quite a while longer...

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Plans Gone Awry

Ever since he first got stuck as the driver of the magic taxi, Jeff had developing a plan. He had a heirarchy of the types of people he would be willing to swap bodies with and drove around the areas he suspected to pick up such people. Generally, he was hoping for someone rich, maybe someone famous, male, tall, and so on. He had more than a few passengers who fit perfectly, but he kept telling himself he could do better. And finally he found someone. The man was young asked to get out at Wall Street, but keep the meter running.

When the man got out, Jeff wished him a nice day, but the man reminded him about keeping the meter running. A few moments later, the man exited the building with a woman. The woman got in while the man stayed behind, giving Jeff instructions to “take my boss uptown.”

Jeff figured no harm, no foul. He’d just look again later. But the conditions had technically been met. When the fare finally stopped, Jeff found himself in the woman’s body. He dropped a $50 tip and walked away. He could feel the heavy weight on his chest and the lthick thighs rubbing against each other with panyhose covered legs. Women were much further down on his planned list, and even if he had picked one, he probably would’ve sought out the skinny model type! Not one like this! At least she was the boss at wherever it was she worked! It wasn’t all bad!

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Big Man on Campus

A strange explosion on campus had caused the everyone at the college to swap bodies. Before it all happened, Chad had fancied himself a “big man on campus.” After all, he was a legacy; he was handsome; he was a member of the most prestigious frat; and so on. And with explosion that all changed.

He had no idea whose body he swapped into. He didn’t want to know. She was ugly; she was a troll. And, sadly, he was now her. Several of his frat brothers had also swapped into women’s bodies, but they were all hot! Chad wouldn’t say he was jealous -- as he’d prefer to have swapped with a guy or not have swapped at all -- but he felt like he really got it the worst. His hair was frizzy; he had to wear thick glasses; he had a big nose. The list could go on for him. He hated everything about this body. His only thought was when he went home for break, he could ask his parents to get plastic surgery. Maybe if he spent enough money, he could do something to improve this body’s appearance, but he wasn’t hopeful.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Not So Bad (Part 2)

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Doug immediately pushed back on the idea that the body he ended up with was “not so bad.” No, this body was the worst imaginable! He body was old and flabby! Compared to Mark’s body, he was a troll! Mark tried to ressure his body, but it was understandably not setting in. Finally, Doug told Mark he was going to go back to his room for a nap. He was tired anyhow, to which he quipped wasn’t a surprise given his body. Mark told him he should at least try to do something. He thought about making a joke about shuffleboard, but instead suggested the spa. He told Doug that he would even pay for it. While Doug was certainly a little hesistant for yet another free offering from his buddy after what had happened so far this vacation, he had to admit that a spa sounded nice to his currently old bones.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Secret Crush

Ever since I saw her, I don’t think I could get her out of my head. She worked on the same floor as I did at one of those co-working spaces where tons of companies would rent small rooms. I always dreamed about asking her out, but couldn’t even build up to courage to ask her name or even say hello.

It turned out her name was Angie.

I found that out when fate decided to intervene. When that whole “Great Shift” happened and swapped everyone’s bodies. And wouldn’t you know it? I ended up in hers. Suddenly, the woman I couldn’t muster a single word to was now talking my ear off about things I needed to know. In any other situation, learning that much about her would’ve been great, but it was all just too weird. As I slowly adapted to her life, it was hard not to imagine there were guys out there looking at me. I was probably some guy’s secret crush in the way she had always been mine.

Sunday, May 14, 2023


Miguel had tried to cross the border into the United States several times now, but so far he had been unsuccessful. This time he sought out help from a man who everyone talked about with high regard. The man looked at Miguel, took his money, and immediately stabbed him with a syringe.

The next thing Miguel realized was that he had awoken on his feet. Except that he soon noticed they weren’t his feet. The small, dainty feet seemed to be encased in very new shoes,which lead up to feminine legs encased in yoga pants. And instead of the desert border, he was now in some sort of suburb.

He heard a man’s voice, “Is everything okay? Come on in, Honey.”

Miguel realized he was a woman; the man who was talking must be this woman’s husband. This must be how he was snuck across the border -- straight into this woman’s body! But how was he going to live as her? The moment he opened his mouth, they’d know. He barely spoke English; he had a strong accent. He chose to keep his mouth shut, nod, and follow the man inside.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Learning Lesson

Professor Andrea Burton could never understand why someone like Walker Ericson took her class. The subject of the social justice class was well known, but every now and again a student like Walker would take it for what seemed like the sole purpose of being a troublemaker. Still, she thought he could get through to him, so she asked to speak with him after class out on the quad.

Before she was even able to speak a word, an odd flash shot across campus. The entire college swapped bodies, and Professor Burton was now standing there in Walker’s body looking at herself. Walker was now in her body; he was terrified, but tried not to show it.

Professor Burton decided to abandon her planned talk, and instead mention that the body swap might be a good learning lesson for Walker. As she left, Walker could only stand there in her body, feeling completely dumbfounded. He was decades older AND a woman AND a Black woman at that!

Friday, May 12, 2023

Arctic Research Station

“Probably the only piece of good news is that we’re relatively isolated at this Arctic research station,” Norman Grange reported to the rest of his team, “It goes without saying that machine swapped all our bodies. The effects seems to be limited to the station and the nearby village, where the woman, whose body I seem to now have, lived. But the machine has powered down, and many parts seem worn or destroyed. A good number of them haven’t been made in decades by companies that are long gone. We may never be able to turn it on again, let alone swap back. Whatever body we may currently have may just be our new bodies going forward. We will continue to investigate, of course, but don’t get your hopes up.”

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Another Reality

It started as an accident. The particle accelerator had burned a pin sized hole in the fabric of the universe. Dr. Jack Willis was the lead scientist put in charge to study it. They were able to slip a wire through the hole to communicate with the other side. It seemed they were now able to connect with an alternate universe. Luckily, Jack found this universe was similar to his own, who had been conducting a similar experiment at the same time. Jack worked with his coounterpart of the other side, a woman named Xuni, to enlarge the size of the hole. They were soon able to send objects through to each other, discovering them to vary only slightly from things in their own world.

As they enlarged the hold further, it was Xuni who suggested they both try to walk through. Jack was hesitant. It seemed dangerous, but to actually go to a parallel world was too much to pass up. He entered just as Xuni did on her side. He was taken back to see his own lab, his own equipment.

Then he heard from Xuni. She told him something hadn’t worked right. People weren’t able to pass through, at least not their consciousness. Jack wondered what she meant by that, but not for long. When they walked in together, the minds must have swapped. He inhabited Xuni’s body as she waked into his lab. And his body must be on the other side with Xuni inside. It was fascinating that she was now her, but frustrating that he would never be able to travel through the portal.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Epilogue)

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It got even better over the next few months for Katie (formerly known as Doug) as she and Chris continued their relationship. They got closer until one day Chris finally asked Katie to marry him.

Katie blushed and said yes immediately and asked her what took so long.

Chris admitted that he was unsure if he should be the one asking, or if that would hurt Katie’s ego. Katie laughed, knowing exactly what Chris was talking about. But she explained that she had come to grips with the fact that she was no longer a guy and how much she enjoyed her new found femininity, especially in all aspects with Chris (which she winked to him when she said). Now it was Chris’s turn to blush.

And so the two began to plan their wedding, happy to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Extended Vacation

It was supposed to be a two week vacation, but Steven had been stuck on Exchange Island for the past eight months. The staff had discovered the woman’s body he was in was pregnant about ten days in. He quickly had to defend himself, explaining there was no possible way he could’ve gotten pregnant on the island. He barely interacted with the other guests, let alone getting intimate with one of them! After a short investigation, they determined Steven had told the truth, but there was still a problem. The magic of the island wouldn’t allow a pregnant woman to leave. And so Steven was stuck on a rather lengthy vacation. Despite the discomfort of being pregnant, he enjoyed the extended time off. Of course, with nine months now just around the corner, he was a little worried about what giving birth would feel like and what would happen next...

Monday, May 8, 2023


Todd’s company was hosting some foreign investors vital to the future of the firm, at least according to Todd’s boss. Everyone was given instructions to be extremely accommodating to the guests, basically giving them anything they needed or doing anything they asked. It was mildly annoying at times, but also generally tolerable. What no one could’ve accounted for was the Great Shift occurring in the middle of the investor visit.

Todd found himself in the body of the lead investor’s assistant. He began by attempting to explain it all, but the lead investor hadn’t been swapped and thought it was some sort of joke. Todd’s boss saw an opportunity and told Todd to play along, to pretend to actually be the guy’s assistant. The quickly proved to be impossible, as he often spoke commands in a foreign language Todd didn’t understand. He just stood there in the body of the young Japanese woman with a look of indifference on his face. What else did anyone expect him to do?

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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Privilege (Part 2)

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Niti and Brad did everything they could think of to swap back to normal, but nothing worked. Over time, they just came to accept they would be stuck as each other. Niti didn’t really mind. Being stuck in Brad’s body had its perks. She was able to command an amount of respect as a man that she was never able to as a woman. She hated to admit it, but it felt pretty good. But she was, of course, worried about Brad dealing with her body.

But strangely, he seemed to also adapt fairly well. She was surprised when she first saw him wear a dress, and she had heard rumors that he was dating a guy. They’d still meet up from time to time, but they no longer talked about switching back. Mostly, they just gave each other life updates. She would try to compliment his appearance, and he’d put his hands on his hips to tell her that he simply got natural good looks from her; it was one of the few references to how they used to be each other.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Rural Route (Part 4)

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View Part 2 of Rural Route.

I was so happy to make it to my grandparents’ old farmhouse. The electricity worked on solar panels and a windmill, and the water was stored in a large container from months of collected rain. The shower felt amazing, and after changing into some of my grandma’s old clothes, I fell asleep.

Her clothes fit surprisingly well, and I put on a flannel shirt and a pair of her jeans the next day. I was able to collect food from a mix of some cans left behind, a few crops that had grown wild, and a few edible native plants as well. I knew now it was just a matter of waiting. Not many people came by the farm, but someone would sooner or later. It may end up just being the mailman, but I could ask him to drive me into town or even just call someone to pick me up. It was bound to happen any day now.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 6)

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The first person to be swapped was Neil himself. He was no longer in Melissa’s body, but in the body of another woman. He wasn’t sure who, he only knew because he could see Melissa’s body a few feet away and because he could look down and clearly see a woman. But it didn’t last for long. Not because he swapped a second time, but the light was now eminating from his entire body. It was difficult to look down without being blinded. Though from what he saw before he looked away, he was now likely to swap at least a hundred more people. And the previous round seemed to already be spreading outward. No one seemed to notice the light except for him, but as he observed, they certainly noticed the swaps. He could see the person now in Melissa’s body look very surprised, and a few other people who the lights had gone to were also in shock. He knew it was only going to get worse from here, but the question was, could he fix it when it was all over?

Thursday, May 4, 2023


The research team had been in the rainforest for several weeks when Dr. Albert Pierce fell from a ledge. While the team spent some time looking for him, they eventually had no choice but to presume he had died. A few days later, a woman arrived at their camp, explining that she was, in fact, Dr. Albert Pierce.

Albert began to tell his story about falling from the ledge and landing in a strange lake that seemed to almost sparkle. He swallowed large amounts of the water; he possibly even died. Whatever exactly happened, the water allowed his form to be corporeal. His spirit was able to float around as he pleased, until he floated into a nearby town. Through sheer accident, he ended up possessing the body of this woman. He wasn’t the group’s translator, so he didn’t speak the local language. He was eventually able to find someone who spoke english, which allowed him to ask to be guided back here.

The other researchers found the story absurd, but perhaps if they could find this water, they could confirm it all. Albery said he’d be happy to show them.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Cold War Relic

Prviate Larry Klein had volunteered for the army’s experiment at the height of the Cold War. With no immediate family, he was a perfect candidate to be frozen with plans to be thawed out when technology allowed. It took about a hundred years for the military scientists to bring back the people they had frozen. What they discovered was the body wasn’t able to be saved, but the mind was.

Larry was among the first to be unfrozen and placed in a new body. He was expendable enough if something went wrong and low enough in rank that he couldn’t complain about the fact that they had stuck his brain into a woman’s body.

After doing so, they gave him a coat as they walked him through the underground facility where other frozen bodies were kept. He was amazed to be in the future, more than thankful to have participated, and actually quite excited about his now female body!

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


“It probably sucks to be poor,” Xavier thought just as his brain finished downloading into another person’s body, “Take this woman, for instance. I am paying an astonishingly low amount to inhabit her body for three weeks. Poor people are play things for someone like me.”

It was true. By the year 2075, technology had greatly advanced but the gap between rich and poor had grown, leaving most advanced tech for those of means like Xavier. Renting out one’s body was quite a common way to make money. The poor person wouldn’t know what a person like Xavier would do. Xavier would often use the poor human’s body for one of his robotic workers, which would give them moe agility with organic fingers as opposed to metal ones. But for today, Xavier was taking control of the body himself. After all, if he could spend time in a beautiful woman’s body, why shouldn’t he try it out if he could afford it?

Monday, May 1, 2023

Miscalculated (Part 1)

Harvey had hopes things would be better in college after being bullied in high school. However, his freshman roommate, Marc, was probably the meanest yet. All year long, Marc made fun of how nerdy Harvey was. Harvey wondered how Marc was able to pass a single class. But Harvey developed a plan for he hoped to enact over spring break.

Using his genius, Harvey had developed a machine that would teleport his consciousness into Marc’s body. All he needed was a little bit of DNA, and getting a few hairs from Marc’s side of the room was pretty easy.

Once in Marc’s body, Harvey would tell Marc’s parents he wanted to drop out or transfer or something. He’d decide the exact wording soon enough. As he put the hairs in his device, he quickly passed out.

He jolted upright just as fast to find himself on the beach. An older man stood over him.

“Honey, are you alright?” The man asked.

“Honey?” Harvey asked, quickly noticing his own voice. Then he looked down at his body. This wasn’t Marc’s body at all! Judging from its age and appearance, he must be in the body of -- Marc’s mom! Harvey cursed. Of course, Marc never cleaned anything. He must’ve grabbed hairs his mom had left behind when packing or visiting or whatever.