Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Big Man on Campus

A strange explosion on campus had caused the everyone at the college to swap bodies. Before it all happened, Chad had fancied himself a “big man on campus.” After all, he was a legacy; he was handsome; he was a member of the most prestigious frat; and so on. And with explosion that all changed.

He had no idea whose body he swapped into. He didn’t want to know. She was ugly; she was a troll. And, sadly, he was now her. Several of his frat brothers had also swapped into women’s bodies, but they were all hot! Chad wouldn’t say he was jealous -- as he’d prefer to have swapped with a guy or not have swapped at all -- but he felt like he really got it the worst. His hair was frizzy; he had to wear thick glasses; he had a big nose. The list could go on for him. He hated everything about this body. His only thought was when he went home for break, he could ask his parents to get plastic surgery. Maybe if he spent enough money, he could do something to improve this body’s appearance, but he wasn’t hopeful.

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