Friday, May 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 6)

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The first person to be swapped was Neil himself. He was no longer in Melissa’s body, but in the body of another woman. He wasn’t sure who, he only knew because he could see Melissa’s body a few feet away and because he could look down and clearly see a woman. But it didn’t last for long. Not because he swapped a second time, but the light was now eminating from his entire body. It was difficult to look down without being blinded. Though from what he saw before he looked away, he was now likely to swap at least a hundred more people. And the previous round seemed to already be spreading outward. No one seemed to notice the light except for him, but as he observed, they certainly noticed the swaps. He could see the person now in Melissa’s body look very surprised, and a few other people who the lights had gone to were also in shock. He knew it was only going to get worse from here, but the question was, could he fix it when it was all over?

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