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Thursday, May 4, 2023


The research team had been in the rainforest for several weeks when Dr. Albert Pierce fell from a ledge. While the team spent some time looking for him, they eventually had no choice but to presume he had died. A few days later, a woman arrived at their camp, explining that she was, in fact, Dr. Albert Pierce.

Albert began to tell his story about falling from the ledge and landing in a strange lake that seemed to almost sparkle. He swallowed large amounts of the water; he possibly even died. Whatever exactly happened, the water allowed his form to be corporeal. His spirit was able to float around as he pleased, until he floated into a nearby town. Through sheer accident, he ended up possessing the body of this woman. He wasn’t the group’s translator, so he didn’t speak the local language. He was eventually able to find someone who spoke english, which allowed him to ask to be guided back here.

The other researchers found the story absurd, but perhaps if they could find this water, they could confirm it all. Albery said he’d be happy to show them.

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