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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Learning Lesson

Professor Andrea Burton could never understand why someone like Walker Ericson took her class. The subject of the social justice class was well known, but every now and again a student like Walker would take it for what seemed like the sole purpose of being a troublemaker. Still, she thought he could get through to him, so she asked to speak with him after class out on the quad.

Before she was even able to speak a word, an odd flash shot across campus. The entire college swapped bodies, and Professor Burton was now standing there in Walker’s body looking at herself. Walker was now in her body; he was terrified, but tried not to show it.

Professor Burton decided to abandon her planned talk, and instead mention that the body swap might be a good learning lesson for Walker. As she left, Walker could only stand there in her body, feeling completely dumbfounded. He was decades older AND a woman AND a Black woman at that!

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