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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Privilege (Part 2)

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Niti and Brad did everything they could think of to swap back to normal, but nothing worked. Over time, they just came to accept they would be stuck as each other. Niti didn’t really mind. Being stuck in Brad’s body had its perks. She was able to command an amount of respect as a man that she was never able to as a woman. She hated to admit it, but it felt pretty good. But she was, of course, worried about Brad dealing with her body.

But strangely, he seemed to also adapt fairly well. She was surprised when she first saw him wear a dress, and she had heard rumors that he was dating a guy. They’d still meet up from time to time, but they no longer talked about switching back. Mostly, they just gave each other life updates. She would try to compliment his appearance, and he’d put his hands on his hips to tell her that he simply got natural good looks from her; it was one of the few references to how they used to be each other.

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