Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Not So Bad (Part 2)

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Doug immediately pushed back on the idea that the body he ended up with was “not so bad.” No, this body was the worst imaginable! He body was old and flabby! Compared to Mark’s body, he was a troll! Mark tried to ressure his body, but it was understandably not setting in. Finally, Doug told Mark he was going to go back to his room for a nap. He was tired anyhow, to which he quipped wasn’t a surprise given his body. Mark told him he should at least try to do something. He thought about making a joke about shuffleboard, but instead suggested the spa. He told Doug that he would even pay for it. While Doug was certainly a little hesistant for yet another free offering from his buddy after what had happened so far this vacation, he had to admit that a spa sounded nice to his currently old bones.

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