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Tuesday, May 2, 2023


“It probably sucks to be poor,” Xavier thought just as his brain finished downloading into another person’s body, “Take this woman, for instance. I am paying an astonishingly low amount to inhabit her body for three weeks. Poor people are play things for someone like me.”

It was true. By the year 2075, technology had greatly advanced but the gap between rich and poor had grown, leaving most advanced tech for those of means like Xavier. Renting out one’s body was quite a common way to make money. The poor person wouldn’t know what a person like Xavier would do. Xavier would often use the poor human’s body for one of his robotic workers, which would give them moe agility with organic fingers as opposed to metal ones. But for today, Xavier was taking control of the body himself. After all, if he could spend time in a beautiful woman’s body, why shouldn’t he try it out if he could afford it?

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