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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Another Reality

It started as an accident. The particle accelerator had burned a pin sized hole in the fabric of the universe. Dr. Jack Willis was the lead scientist put in charge to study it. They were able to slip a wire through the hole to communicate with the other side. It seemed they were now able to connect with an alternate universe. Luckily, Jack found this universe was similar to his own, who had been conducting a similar experiment at the same time. Jack worked with his coounterpart of the other side, a woman named Xuni, to enlarge the size of the hole. They were soon able to send objects through to each other, discovering them to vary only slightly from things in their own world.

As they enlarged the hold further, it was Xuni who suggested they both try to walk through. Jack was hesitant. It seemed dangerous, but to actually go to a parallel world was too much to pass up. He entered just as Xuni did on her side. He was taken back to see his own lab, his own equipment.

Then he heard from Xuni. She told him something hadn’t worked right. People weren’t able to pass through, at least not their consciousness. Jack wondered what she meant by that, but not for long. When they walked in together, the minds must have swapped. He inhabited Xuni’s body as she waked into his lab. And his body must be on the other side with Xuni inside. It was fascinating that she was now her, but frustrating that he would never be able to travel through the portal.

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