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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Plans Gone Awry

Ever since he first got stuck as the driver of the magic taxi, Jeff had developing a plan. He had a heirarchy of the types of people he would be willing to swap bodies with and drove around the areas he suspected to pick up such people. Generally, he was hoping for someone rich, maybe someone famous, male, tall, and so on. He had more than a few passengers who fit perfectly, but he kept telling himself he could do better. And finally he found someone. The man was young asked to get out at Wall Street, but keep the meter running.

When the man got out, Jeff wished him a nice day, but the man reminded him about keeping the meter running. A few moments later, the man exited the building with a woman. The woman got in while the man stayed behind, giving Jeff instructions to “take my boss uptown.”

Jeff figured no harm, no foul. He’d just look again later. But the conditions had technically been met. When the fare finally stopped, Jeff found himself in the woman’s body. He dropped a $50 tip and walked away. He could feel the heavy weight on his chest and the lthick thighs rubbing against each other with panyhose covered legs. Women were much further down on his planned list, and even if he had picked one, he probably would’ve sought out the skinny model type! Not one like this! At least she was the boss at wherever it was she worked! It wasn’t all bad!

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