Thursday, May 25, 2023

Weird Prom (Part 2)

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The door finally opened, and there was Sophia in the body she got from the Great Shift, the body of Adam’s mom. It had been nothing but uncomfortable for Adam ever since it happened. Logically, he knew his girlfriend Sophia was inside that body, but one look and all he could see was his mom. It was especially weird when she tried to talk dirty to him or suggest having a little fun -- he had refused it all so far, blaming it all on still feeling his own discomfort with being female himself now -- but it was actuallt just all too weird hearing it come out of his mom’s mouth. As they took photos together and got in the limo to go, he decided it could wait any longer. Before they even arrived at the prom, he had broken up with her. Sophia was devistated. She ended up in tears all night, but she also completely understood. She knew very well what body she had, and how hard that likely was for Adam.

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