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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Daily Exercise

Based on the advice of his doctor, Colin had started jogging each day in the park. He was getting older now and needed to keep his body in shape. His body often ended up sore and in pain; he often wondered if he waited too long to start heeding his doctor’s advice.

And then one morning as he jogged, he felt a strange weight in his chest. He was worried that he was having a heart attack, except it didn’t feel painful. He grabbed his stomach after another moment, feeling a sort of squeeze down there, but the fabric of his shirt felt off. That’s when he looked down and received the biggest surprise of his life! He now had a woman’s chest, or (to be more accurate) he had swapped bodies with a woman! Based on what he could see, he was pretty sure he had seen this woman earlier (she obviously had some rather distinct characteristics); she had also been jogging. But why did they swap bodies? Or, perhaps more important, how did it happen? It was nice to be young, but Colin would’ve never picked a body like this in a million years!

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