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Monday, May 1, 2023

Miscalculated (Part 1)

Harvey had hopes things would be better in college after being bullied in high school. However, his freshman roommate, Marc, was probably the meanest yet. All year long, Marc made fun of how nerdy Harvey was. Harvey wondered how Marc was able to pass a single class. But Harvey developed a plan for he hoped to enact over spring break.

Using his genius, Harvey had developed a machine that would teleport his consciousness into Marc’s body. All he needed was a little bit of DNA, and getting a few hairs from Marc’s side of the room was pretty easy.

Once in Marc’s body, Harvey would tell Marc’s parents he wanted to drop out or transfer or something. He’d decide the exact wording soon enough. As he put the hairs in his device, he quickly passed out.

He jolted upright just as fast to find himself on the beach. An older man stood over him.

“Honey, are you alright?” The man asked.

“Honey?” Harvey asked, quickly noticing his own voice. Then he looked down at his body. This wasn’t Marc’s body at all! Judging from its age and appearance, he must be in the body of -- Marc’s mom! Harvey cursed. Of course, Marc never cleaned anything. He must’ve grabbed hairs his mom had left behind when packing or visiting or whatever.

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