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Monday, May 22, 2023

This Will Change the World

Nearly everyone at the research center had attended the funeral of Dr. Alvin Hudson. The man had worked there for over 70 years; he knew everyone. He had done groundbreaking studies on longevity, and some were sure he had experimented on himself a few years that allowed him to work until the day he died, well into his 90s.

No one expected to arrive on Monday morning to see an excited young woman in the main lab.

“Woo! It worked!” She shouted as the first few people entered.

They looked at her puzzled before the woman kept explaining. “It’s me,” She said, “I’m Alvin! I did it! I cheated death! It’s a long story, but I did it! If you’e wondering why I’m female, well...the problem I had with regenerating was all on the Y chromosome, so I just had to eliminate it, I am! Or still am! Yes, my old body still died. And I know this is all a shock, but it worked! This will change the world!”

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