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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First Night Out (Part 2)

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After only two drinks, Al found himself moving from being a wallflower to making a fool of himself on the dance floor. He didn’t think two drinks was a big deal, but he wasn’t used to the lighter weight and lower tolerance of his new body either. He was much drunker than he realized. At the same time, he felt he had room for plenty more. As he continued to dance, he yelped out to the waiter to bring a drink out to him. Thanking the young man with slurred speech, Al felt a strange tingle in response to the young man’s proximity. Al realized he was feeling his borrowed body’s hormonal influence. Since he was in the body of a straight woman, he was now starting to find guys attractive! And with the alcohol running through his system, it was hard to fight this desire.

Monday, December 30, 2013


Lars wasn’t originally going to pull over, but he felt bad for the woman hitchhiker on the side of the road. She just seemed so desperate. Reluctantly, he stopped. The woman approached his car. She was only in her 40s, but the wrinkles on her face were already showing quite deeply. He guessed she was a smoker.

“Thank God!” The woman said, “I’ve been waiting for hours for someone to stop. You’ve got to help me get into town. I need to find my body.”

She could see the confused look on Lars’s face.

“I can explain,” She continued, “A few hours ago I picked up a woman at this very same spot. But when I pulled over, she did something. She switched our bodies...mostly. She had been young when I first saw her, but when we switched I became much older. I think my own body lost a few years before she drove off with it. I was a guy and now I’m a woman! It’s crazy! I know it sounds crazy, but you’ve got to believe me! You’ve got to help me out!”

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trying not to Panic

It happened in a flash. Suddenly, Ryan was standing on the street; he had apparently swapped bodies with some woman. He tried not to panic, but he knew holding it back was just fooling himself. But just before he had a breakdown, he felt a vibrating. Digging into the pants of the track suit he now wore, he pulled out a phone. A husky voice was on the other end claiming to be the woman whose body he now had. She wasn’t far, and Ryan hoped to get some answers.

As he walked, he could feel his new feminine body. He couldn’t think of a good way to describe what it felt like to literally walk in someone else’s shoes except “weird.” He continued to stay on the phone with the woman on the end other end, who explained that she was now in the body of a man. He also noticed that plenty of other people on the street were arguing or exploring their bodies. He began to realize this body swapping thing wasn’t isolated to him or this woman, perhaps not even this town.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Acid Rain

While humanity always had some concern for pollution and acid rain, they were simply not prepared the ultimate consequences of their actions. The rain became so polluted that it wasn’t just acid, it was transformative. A single drop of falling rain could transform a person in any number of ways. Showers could shut down cities in mere minutes, with people shuttering themselves in buildings and cars. Still, from time to time, someone would get caught outside. Paul was one of those unlucky people. The umbrella he carried did nothing to stop the water from hitting him. He cursed as he felt his insides rearrange; there wasn’t anything on the weather report this morning about rain! A few moments later, his change was complete. He looked down at himself and he realized he was one of the lucky ones. He had only changed genders. Other people had become different animals or (in some extreme cases) things like trees or rocks. The other piece of good news for Paul was that he could now go out in the rain without further being transformed, though it was often a very lonely world out there in the rain.
While humanity always had some concern for pollution and acid rain, they were simply not prepared the ultimate consequences of their actions. The rain became so polluted that it wasn’t just acid, it was transformative. A single drop of falling rain could transform a person in any number of ways. Showers could shut down cities in mere minutes, with people shuttering themselves in buildings and cars. Still, from time to time, someone would get caught outside. Paul was one of those unlucky people. The umbrella he carried did nothing to stop the water from hitting him. He cursed as he felt his insides rearrange; there wasn’t anything on the weather report this morning about rain! A few moments later, his change was complete. He looked down at himself and he realized he was one of the lucky ones. He had only changed genders. Other people had become different animals or (in some extreme cases) things like trees or rocks. The other piece of good news for Paul was that he could now go out in the rain without further being transformed, though it was often a very lonely world out there in the rain.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Chance

Trevor ran through the events of that day in his mind ever since it happened. It started with meeting the woman of his dreams and her having no interest in him. Then he found a magic spell he thought would make her love him; instead it swapped their bodies. The weird part was that now the woman in Trevor’s body thought that she was always him. In a way, he had a second chance, but Trevor could never see himself being with another guy...even if he was in the body of a woman and even if that guy was him.

He wondered if he had just accepted if the swap would have reversed itself. Instead, he was now stuck in this woman’s body. With Trevor in control, he acted far less feminine than she did before he met her. He slouched about, avoiding skirts and dressed. He never felt comfortable in this new body, but he had no way to fix things.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


“Do you see anything, Professor?” Carol asked.

“Nothing,” The professor sighed, “You kids are lucky. It’s unlikely anyone else would have believed you, but forty years ago I saw and experienced the same astronomical phenomenon that you kids did. I ended up switching bodies with my future wife for a week before we found it again. As the years passed, we told ourselves that we must have imagined those memories.”

Ron put a hand on his hip. He didn’t have the patience for Professor Conrad’s babbling, and as a graduate student he certainly didn’t like being referred to as a “kid.”

But he held his mouth. He didn’t want to piss off his astronomy teacher. After all, so far he was the only one who believed them when they talked about the strange burst in the sky that had switched the pair’s bodies. He also seemed to have a bit of experience with it. However, so far, Ron also didn’t think he had been much help. After all, he was still stuck in Carol’s body right now, and she was still in his.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Liquid (Part 3)

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After several days of working out in his new body, Mark couldn’t believe it, but he was actually starting to enjoy working out! The first few days, he had forced himself to do it, knowing he had to maintain this great body, but as time passed, he started to simply look forward to the exercise itself, instead of seeing it as a chore. He was starting to get more and more used to his new body as well. There was something he missed about feeling like his body was new and unfamiliar. He still enjoyed his new body, but he had gotten used to it. His breasts no longer felt like foreign objects on his chest, things like shaving his legs felt routine instead of exciting. Granted, he still enjoyed his new body, but it felt less like a “new” body and more just his body. This feeling made it ever more curious that exercise actually excited him now. It hadn’t just become another routine, it became a thrill!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

By Design

Tracey had injected Carl with a drug that would leave his body paralyzed for several hours. He was aware but helpless as she moved her invention atop him. She was eager to use him as her guinea pig. She aligned everything perfectly before turning it on. If everything wasn’t just right, the machine wouldn’t work; that was by design. She needed to be sure Carl wouldn’t be able to use the device himself, and she believed she made it just complicated enough to prevent him from doing so. After all, once she used the device to steal his body, she’d be the one paralyzed. What good would her body swapping machine be if her victim could just switch back? She smiled, thinking about how nice it would feel to be a man. She knew men had all the power; they were treated better. She mumbled about it under her breath, inadvertently revealing her plans to Carl.

Poor Carl was aware of everything happening; he was just in no position to stop it. He couldn’t move a muscle. Then the device activated, and he suddenly found himself in Tracey’s body. He could smell the perfume she had put on that morning; he could taste her lipstick; he felt the weight of her breasts and the tight tug of her bra straps. He looked down at his own body as he put his hands on the machine. He had her mumblings, but had he heard enough to be able to operate this thing and get back to his own body? He made a few attempts to no avail. As time passed, he notice his body begin to stir. If he couldn’t use the device to switch back, he could at least ensure Tracey wouldn’t get away. He quickly found some rope and tied her down. He didn’t know what he would do to force her to switch back, but he certainly wasn’t going to let her get away with his body!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Perfect Wave

Carter had surfed professionally before retiring at the age of 30. He had been good enough to earn enough money to never have to work another day in his life. Instead, he set about pursuing his dream of finding the perfect wave. He had heard rumors that such a wave existed at Bikini Beach; however, the other rumors of the beach kept most surfers away. Carter shrugged. So he’d be transformed into a woman while there? So what? It seemed a small price to pay. Unlike most men who visited, he ignored the throngs of women in skimpy bikinis and set his sights on the ocean. The first few waves were good, but nothing great. Then it happened: the perfect wave. He quickly went to the office to buy a lifetime pass. He knew it meant he’d become a woman permanently, but losing his manhood seemed like a small price in exchange for finding what he had been seeking for years.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Drive (Part 1)

Michael had been driving down the interstate when a huge flash appeared before his eyes. The next thing he knew he parked in a lot. The keys were still in this ignition and the car was still on. Initially, he couldn’t put together what had happened. He only imagined that he had blacked out while driving then somehow miraculously pulled over and managed to park his car. It didn’t take him long to realize that this wasn’t his old beat up car. This car was really fancy -- way more than he could ever afford. He worried that when he blacked out, he had somehow stolen it! His heart started to race. The beating called attention to his chest. That’s when he noticed something extremely different. This not only wasn’t his car; this was also not his body! As unbelievable as it was, he must have swapped bodies with the owner of this car! And the owner of this car was a woman! He reached one hand up to the unfamiliar weight on his chest before quickly removing it. He didn’t yet want to even think about sending a hand down below the belt.

His turned off the car’s MP3 player and switched to the radio. There were panicked reports indicating that he clearly wasn’t the only one who had switched bodies. In fact, the reports were stating that anywhere between 70-99% of the world had switched. He wasn’t quite sure what to do next.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Night Out (Part 1)

Al knew all about Exchange Island before he came, but he was still surprised when he ended up swapping with a woman upon arrival. In hindsight, he realized there was about a 50% chance of changing genders, he just didn’t expect it. His new body felt so weird that he spent the morning and afternoon of his first day locked away in his room. It didn’t help that the person he swapped with seemed to have brought nothing but skimpy clothes with her.

It wasn’t until night that Al finally braved going out. He took a deep breath before changing clothes; he couldn’t believe what he had picked out was actually one of the less revealing things among this woman’s wardrobe. The beach was closed at this hour, but the resort had a late night club...with free drinks! He grabbed a beer at first, but it didn’t seem to please his new taste buds, and so he switched to mix drinks.

As he sipped his beverage, he remained a wallflower, watching others lose their inhibitions on the dance floor. He noticed how much many people seemed to really be enjoying their new bodies -- some even were basically feeling themselves up on the dance floor. He wondered if he could build up that sort of confidence. He looked at his mixed drink and realized that there was only one way to do that.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Return (Part 4)

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The doctor avoided Jack’s question as he continued to examine Jack, still finding nothing that would indicate the person before him was a healthy young woman. He was eager for some sort of proof that Jack had once been male, but no proof seemed to be coming.

Jack could see a look of concern in the doctor’s eye. “Do you believe me?” He asked, echoing an earlier, much simpler question

“The numbers are too high to be coincidence, and if there was an environmental factor contributing to a mass delusion, there would be toxicological evidence in your blood work. I’m afraid I have no choice but to believe you.”

Jack wasn’t exactly comforted by that response this time around.

Jack reworded his question, “Do you think anyone else will believe me?”

The doctor sighed, “Probably not, and it would be quite unlikely anything I could say would make any sort of difference. I am convinced, however, that if I can prove what happened to you, it might just be the most amazing scientific discovery this decade. But it’s all a matter of proof!”

Thursday, December 19, 2013

His Own Face

It was a sight Scott had never expected to see ever again: his own face. When he saw it, he immediately hid, hoping his former body didn’t also see him. It was two years ago when that body he just saw was his. He was a nerdy guy with too much time on his hands. So much time, in fact, he had time to invent a brain swapping device. He picked his friend Tammy to swap with. Tammy was a quiet and shy nerd much like himself, but Scott thought she was beautiful and saw her potential. When they swapped, Scott was excited. He would put on makeup and dress in gorgeous skirts and dresses. He’d look in the mirror and see Tammy’s body look better than he could’ve possibly imagined. He knew he had to keep it for himself. Without a word to Tammy, he just uprooted and left. He figured he could make a good life for himself anywhere with his brains and Tammy’s looks, which he certainly had done. But it was now in this new place two years later that he saw Tammy with his former body. He hid, not because he feared she could somehow switch them back (he knew she couldn’t), but because he didn’t know how to explain what he had done. How could he possibly justify the fact that he had stolen her life and dumped her with his?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Accident

“He’s waking up.”

Martin didn’t know where the words were coming from. His surroundings were quite unfamiliar. The last thing he remembered was driving back from college for the holidays. His parents had picked him up, and he got into an argument with his mom. The car skidded, and that was the last thing he could recall.

“Can you hear me, Martin?” The voice asked.

“Uh...” It was all Martin could manage to say.

“It’s okay. Don’t try too hard yet. The neuro pathways will take some time to adjust to your new body.”

“There’s good news and bad news,” A second voice spoke, “You were in an accident. We were able to save your brain, but your body was crushed. Your mother, on the other hand, was completely brain dead from her injuries. Doctor Brown did something miraculous. He placed your brain in your mom’s body to save you.”

Martin wanted nothing more than to scream upon hearing this, but he couldn’t seem to; his brain was still adjusting. He couldn’t believe he was now in the body of his own mother!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slacker (Part 2)

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It turned out running wasn’t really an option. Between the heels, the skirt, and the uncomfortable feeling of an unfamiliar body, Neil was going to have to slow down. His pace slowed to a walk and eventually he halted completely. He paused to look at his new body. He couldn’t get a good look under the stuffy suit, and he could certainly feel that she had short hair. He also tasted lipstick on his lips. Eventually, he focused on his hands. They were so slender and feminine. The nails were painted. It was so weird for him to think that this was now his hand!

Monday, December 16, 2013

In Shock (Part 3)

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Jim started to pick the things up off the floor. Before long, a tall man stood above him. The man was clearly looking down Jim’s shirt. Jim adjusted his long hair to try and cover up a little. He looked up to see the man was still staring.

“I hope that’s what you’re wearing for our date later,” The man said to Jim.

“Our date?” Jim repeated.

“You can’t tell me you forgot? Tonight’s the night you promised that we could go all the way. And with that outfit, I’m sure in the mood!”

“All the way?” Jim’s stomach sank.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mayor Daniel Winslow knew the Great Shift would send his city into chaos. He needed to address the people to calm everyone down. There were lots of questions, and while he didn’t have any answers yet, he needed to pretend that he did. He scheduled a press conference mere hours after the Shift hit. He needed to show that they were not alone -- he had been affected too; he was in his wife’s body. His speech urged for calm; he pledged to work with state and federal leaders to help find a solution to one day reverse the effects of the Shift. Many were still panicked, but he knew it had worked. People would be coming together in the wake of the tragedy, and he hoped he was leading them as best he could in this moment of crisis.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Don't Push It

As they casually jogged down the street, Peter asked Jennifer once more about the progress she had made on reversing the body swap that her invention had caused. She shrugged, indicating that the machine was still broken. Peter’s pleasant demeanor turned on a dime as he grabbed the towel around Jennifer’s neck.

“You need to start taking this a little more seriously,” He growled sternly, “I’ve been patient up until this point, but there’s no way I am going to stay stuck in your body any longer than I have to. You’re going to be in some serious trouble if I’m not back in my own body before your monthly visitor arrives.”

Jennifer smirked.

“Wipe that look off my face,” Peter shot back, “I know you think I won’t do anything to my own body, but trust me, I know plenty of ways to torture myself with no long term damage, so do NOT push me.”

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mathematics (Part 4)

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Dave sulked in front of the chalkboard, frustrated with the fact that he couldn’t figure out the equation to swap back. Andrea sat in front of him, and he often glared at her. He was convinced she had the ability to solve the equation, but she simply wasn’t applying herself. If she just took a little time, he was sure she could figure it out. But then again, he thought, maybe she WAS able to figure it out, but she realized this wasn’t an ability she had before. What if she was faking her ignorance in order to keep his body and the added intelligence that went with it?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Follow that Cab!

As soon as Brett was able, he hailed another taxi.

“Follow that cab!” He told the driver as he pointed to another taxi ahead.

“Which one?” The driver asked, “There’s like a million of them.”

“The one ahead making the left hand turn,” He instructed.

“I’m not sure I can -- ”


“Are you a cop or something? Let me see your badge.”

“No, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but this woman’s body isn’t mine. Just a moment ago I was in the body of the driver of that taxi, and a week before that I had a wonderful life as a hedge fund manager. There’s something about that taxi that swaps bodies, and the only hope I have of getting back in my own body is by getting back in that cab! Please!”

“It’s too late. Sorry, Ma’am. I lost it.”

“I guess I better get used to being called Ma’am,” Brett sighed to himself.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glasses (Part 3)

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Alvin handed the woman his glasses. He figured she needed them now more than he did. They exchanged numbers without ever exchanging a word, and each continued on their way with their new bodies. After Alvin walked a little bit, he let down his new long hair and examined his new slender, feminine arms. He noted that he had walked a great deal in this woman’s heels without any difficulty. He didn’t know if this was fate or a weird astronomical occurrence or something else completely different, but despite his initial panic, he couldn’t complain about the results. He was a gorgeous woman now, and he realized he liked that fact. He didn’t know if his mentality was caused by whatever had swapped him, but he wasn’t sure he cared either.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Not Brain Surgery...Oh, Wait, It Is

Max had no problem removing the brain from Michelle’s body -- a drill, a saw, and some other tools did the trick. He didn’t even have too much trouble removing the brain from his own body. The hard part was getting the brains back into their bodies, especially now that he was just a brain on a table without a body. Somehow, he managed, but he didn’t get it quite right. Max’s brain was now in Michelle’s body while Michelle’s brain was now in Max’s body. Max picked his drill back up. Was it time to try again?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Slacker (Part 1)

Neil couldn’t believe how much his mom had been bugging him. Every day since he graduated from high school, she had been yelling at him to get off the couch and find a job or go to school or something like that. He groaned. He was no good at school and the job market sucked. He claimed he had tried, but it was a lie. The truth was that he was simply a slacker. He just wanted to sit around, smoke pot, and eat snacks all day long. And despite her pestering, his mom was a bit of an enabler. Sure there were a few words exchanged from time to time, but she still never really pushed him.

This pattern continued for several months until one day it came to an abrupt halt. Neil had been snacking on some popcorn and watching daytime television. Slightly stoned, he thought he had somehow started tripping hard when he was no longer in the comfort of his parents’ living room. He felt uncomfortable. His clothes felt tight. He nearly tripped over his shoes as he tried to walk. He looked down to see a sensibly heeled woman’s shoe on his foot. He was a little confused as he followed the foot up smoothly shaven legs up to a pencil skirt.

Holy crap! He was a woman. And from the looks of it, he was some sort of business woman! Neil groaned thinking of the potential responsibility this body may have. He didn’t want any part of that. Instead, he ran off back to his parents’ house, as fast as these uncomfortable shoes would allow.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Perfect Match (Part 2)

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Justin asked to see the piece of jewelry that looked just like the Medallion of Zulu. The clerk took it out, and he examined it closely. It was perfect. The only problem was how pricey it was! The cost was a bit of a surprise considering how cheap he felt it looked, but knowing what he needed this for, he figured the high price was well worth it. He reached into Hannah’s purse and pulled out her credit card. He smiled as he realized he wouldn’t even technically be the one paying for this. Hannah was quite well off, and if his plan worked perfectly, he’d be sure to not only have her body but her wealth as well!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Switch Bodies

Keith was quite surprised when he blacked out for a moment. His eyes opened a moment later to a very different sight. He was now in his friend Nicole’s apartment; even stranger, he was now also in her body. He thought about calling her, but instead he noticed a book on the end table. It was open to a page with a title that read “How to Switch Bodies.” Keith continued to read the book. It seemed the instructions were quite complicated, involving many exotic ingredients. Keith had no idea how Nicole was able to pull it all off, but considering he was now in her body, it was obvious that she had pulled it off. He continued to read. He only hoped he could use these instructions to swap back with Nicole, but he had no idea how he was going to find some of the items listed, and even if he did, the instructions of mixing the magic potion seemed quite complicated!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Todd and Nancy had scraped by in order to afford their wedding. After the ceremony, Todd surprised his new wife with the fact that he had hidden a little extra away to pay for a surprise honeymoon. He had bought them discount tickets to an exotic resort called Exchange Island. Neither realized that the tickets were so cheap due to the fact that all visitors of the resort would switch bodies with another guest upon arriving. It was a shock for Nancy when she swapped with a young woman on holiday, but Todd was even more taken aback, as he also swapped with a woman. Despite being in borrowed bodies, the two continued to enjoy their honeymoon as best as possible. Todd knew he would be unable to perform many of his husbandly duties, but that didn’t stop him from trying to be as romantic as possible. He lifted Nancy into his arms and gave her a big kiss. They knew this would certainly be a memorable honeymoon and in spite of the oddity, they also knew it would be the start of a wonderful marriage.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Phillip had actually heard legends of the magic taxi before, but he never expected the stories to be true. And even if they were true, it seemed statistically unlikely to ever encounter the magic taxi. Further, he had always expected to taxi to be in some place like New York or London. He never would’ve thought to come in contact with the magic taxi halfway around the globe while on vacation, nor did he ever expect the cab to be red nor for the driver to be a stout Chinese man.

Having his body stolen was devastating, but being stuck in the cabbie’s body was worse. It was compounded by the fact that most people entering the cab only spoke Chinese, which Phillip didn’t speak a word of. He kept hoping that he’d find another tourist like himself to swap with when it came time. However, the time came much earlier than he expected after he let the words “Have a nice day” slip to a young woman who had taken a rather lengthy trip. As he watched the cab drive away, his heart sank a little. He was now a Chinese woman, yet he spoke no Chinese. He was in a foreign country with almost no knowledge of the body he was in or the life she lead. He didn’t even know how he was going to ask anyone for help.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Liquid (Part 2)

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Because of the liquid, Mark knew he’d be female for the rest of his life, but he also understood that maintaining his newfound beauty would require hard work. He immediately set out exercising -- by going to the gym or doing some yoga outside. With his old body, he had no need to stay in shape; there wasn’t really anything worth maintaining. But this new body? It was amazing. It gave him huge motivation to gout out each day to work out. He wasn’t going to let himself go -- ever.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who's the Boss?

Despite the fact that Craig had always been a little angry at his boss Julia because she always took credit for his hard work, he had never wanted anything like this! The latest test of his new invention for the company had swapped their bodies. For the past day, he had been stuck as her, and he hadn’t been enjoying himself.

Julia was no happier, of course. In an attempt to switch back, she had been combing over Craig’s notes and analyzing the manuals for the various parts. She presented an idea, “I think we might be able to switch back if we reverse the polarity of the subtronic P-50 equalizers.”

Craig sighed, “Don’t you think I tried that? I did that almost instantly following our swap. It did nothing except blow a fuse, yet it was the only thing I even had time to try! Your day is so crammed with budget meetings and filling out reports that I don’t have time to get into the nitty gritty of fixing this!”