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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Liquid (Part 3)

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After several days of working out in his new body, Mark couldn’t believe it, but he was actually starting to enjoy working out! The first few days, he had forced himself to do it, knowing he had to maintain this great body, but as time passed, he started to simply look forward to the exercise itself, instead of seeing it as a chore. He was starting to get more and more used to his new body as well. There was something he missed about feeling like his body was new and unfamiliar. He still enjoyed his new body, but he had gotten used to it. His breasts no longer felt like foreign objects on his chest, things like shaving his legs felt routine instead of exciting. Granted, he still enjoyed his new body, but it felt less like a “new” body and more just his body. This feeling made it ever more curious that exercise actually excited him now. It hadn’t just become another routine, it became a thrill!

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