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Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Night Out (Part 1)

Al knew all about Exchange Island before he came, but he was still surprised when he ended up swapping with a woman upon arrival. In hindsight, he realized there was about a 50% chance of changing genders, he just didn’t expect it. His new body felt so weird that he spent the morning and afternoon of his first day locked away in his room. It didn’t help that the person he swapped with seemed to have brought nothing but skimpy clothes with her.

It wasn’t until night that Al finally braved going out. He took a deep breath before changing clothes; he couldn’t believe what he had picked out was actually one of the less revealing things among this woman’s wardrobe. The beach was closed at this hour, but the resort had a late night club...with free drinks! He grabbed a beer at first, but it didn’t seem to please his new taste buds, and so he switched to mix drinks.

As he sipped his beverage, he remained a wallflower, watching others lose their inhibitions on the dance floor. He noticed how much many people seemed to really be enjoying their new bodies -- some even were basically feeling themselves up on the dance floor. He wondered if he could build up that sort of confidence. He looked at his mixed drink and realized that there was only one way to do that.

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