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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Return (Part 4)

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The doctor avoided Jack’s question as he continued to examine Jack, still finding nothing that would indicate the person before him was a healthy young woman. He was eager for some sort of proof that Jack had once been male, but no proof seemed to be coming.

Jack could see a look of concern in the doctor’s eye. “Do you believe me?” He asked, echoing an earlier, much simpler question

“The numbers are too high to be coincidence, and if there was an environmental factor contributing to a mass delusion, there would be toxicological evidence in your blood work. I’m afraid I have no choice but to believe you.”

Jack wasn’t exactly comforted by that response this time around.

Jack reworded his question, “Do you think anyone else will believe me?”

The doctor sighed, “Probably not, and it would be quite unlikely anything I could say would make any sort of difference. I am convinced, however, that if I can prove what happened to you, it might just be the most amazing scientific discovery this decade. But it’s all a matter of proof!”

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