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Thursday, December 19, 2013

His Own Face

It was a sight Scott had never expected to see ever again: his own face. When he saw it, he immediately hid, hoping his former body didn’t also see him. It was two years ago when that body he just saw was his. He was a nerdy guy with too much time on his hands. So much time, in fact, he had time to invent a brain swapping device. He picked his friend Tammy to swap with. Tammy was a quiet and shy nerd much like himself, but Scott thought she was beautiful and saw her potential. When they swapped, Scott was excited. He would put on makeup and dress in gorgeous skirts and dresses. He’d look in the mirror and see Tammy’s body look better than he could’ve possibly imagined. He knew he had to keep it for himself. Without a word to Tammy, he just uprooted and left. He figured he could make a good life for himself anywhere with his brains and Tammy’s looks, which he certainly had done. But it was now in this new place two years later that he saw Tammy with his former body. He hid, not because he feared she could somehow switch them back (he knew she couldn’t), but because he didn’t know how to explain what he had done. How could he possibly justify the fact that he had stolen her life and dumped her with his?

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