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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

By Design

Tracey had injected Carl with a drug that would leave his body paralyzed for several hours. He was aware but helpless as she moved her invention atop him. She was eager to use him as her guinea pig. She aligned everything perfectly before turning it on. If everything wasn’t just right, the machine wouldn’t work; that was by design. She needed to be sure Carl wouldn’t be able to use the device himself, and she believed she made it just complicated enough to prevent him from doing so. After all, once she used the device to steal his body, she’d be the one paralyzed. What good would her body swapping machine be if her victim could just switch back? She smiled, thinking about how nice it would feel to be a man. She knew men had all the power; they were treated better. She mumbled about it under her breath, inadvertently revealing her plans to Carl.

Poor Carl was aware of everything happening; he was just in no position to stop it. He couldn’t move a muscle. Then the device activated, and he suddenly found himself in Tracey’s body. He could smell the perfume she had put on that morning; he could taste her lipstick; he felt the weight of her breasts and the tight tug of her bra straps. He looked down at his own body as he put his hands on the machine. He had her mumblings, but had he heard enough to be able to operate this thing and get back to his own body? He made a few attempts to no avail. As time passed, he notice his body begin to stir. If he couldn’t use the device to switch back, he could at least ensure Tracey wouldn’t get away. He quickly found some rope and tied her down. He didn’t know what he would do to force her to switch back, but he certainly wasn’t going to let her get away with his body!

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