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Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Chance

Trevor ran through the events of that day in his mind ever since it happened. It started with meeting the woman of his dreams and her having no interest in him. Then he found a magic spell he thought would make her love him; instead it swapped their bodies. The weird part was that now the woman in Trevor’s body thought that she was always him. In a way, he had a second chance, but Trevor could never see himself being with another guy...even if he was in the body of a woman and even if that guy was him.

He wondered if he had just accepted if the swap would have reversed itself. Instead, he was now stuck in this woman’s body. With Trevor in control, he acted far less feminine than she did before he met her. He slouched about, avoiding skirts and dressed. He never felt comfortable in this new body, but he had no way to fix things.

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