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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Phillip had actually heard legends of the magic taxi before, but he never expected the stories to be true. And even if they were true, it seemed statistically unlikely to ever encounter the magic taxi. Further, he had always expected to taxi to be in some place like New York or London. He never would’ve thought to come in contact with the magic taxi halfway around the globe while on vacation, nor did he ever expect the cab to be red nor for the driver to be a stout Chinese man.

Having his body stolen was devastating, but being stuck in the cabbie’s body was worse. It was compounded by the fact that most people entering the cab only spoke Chinese, which Phillip didn’t speak a word of. He kept hoping that he’d find another tourist like himself to swap with when it came time. However, the time came much earlier than he expected after he let the words “Have a nice day” slip to a young woman who had taken a rather lengthy trip. As he watched the cab drive away, his heart sank a little. He was now a Chinese woman, yet he spoke no Chinese. He was in a foreign country with almost no knowledge of the body he was in or the life she lead. He didn’t even know how he was going to ask anyone for help.

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