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Friday, May 31, 2013

Eccentric (Part 1)

A few years ago, Miles had created one of the biggest hit websites, making him a billionaire. His wealth had made him quite eccentric. Very few knew how he spent much of his vast fortune, but prostitutes were a common rumor, and it certainly wasn’t untrue. On one night in the red light district, one woman on the street caught his eye. She wore a tube top, orange coat, and pleather shorts; she told him her name was Amie. He was sure it wasnt’ her real name. He asked if she had any diseases, and she assured him she didn’t. He then flashed some cash, and Miles whisked her away to a posh penthouse. He asked her if she recognized him, and she confessed she did. He joked and asked if knowing that would cost him more. She looked sternly at him.

“It will cost you everything,” She said before starting to recite words in a strange language.

Cranky (Part 4)

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George could feel this body’s young sex drive stir inside of him, but he just couldn’t ignite it. He tried searching through some fashion magazines around, but none of the beautiful women seemed to do anything for him. Then he realized that if he was in a woman’s body now, it was a very real possibility that he would be interested in men! The thought seemed so foreign and weird to him, but as he thought about men more and more, it was beginning to really turn him on!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reluctantly (Part 1)

TG Possession Caption
Josh was just going for a simple walk around his neighborhood. He was startled when a woman walked out of an apartment building on his street and banged right into him. The two fell to the ground unconscious with a thud. His spirit floated out of his body. He took quite a while just flying around, enjoying the freedom, but eventually decided he needed to return to his body. However, when he returned to the scene, there was only one body left unconscious and it wasn’t his! Reluctantly, he floated down and possessed the woman’s body. It felt awkward for him, but what choice did he have? Without knowing what else to do, he sat on the step in front of her door and waited. He was sure she had to return eventually, right?

Up on the roof

When Tanisha had invited Will up onto the roof, he had hoped they would fool around a little bit. He never expected to end up switching bodies with her and seeing his own body lie unconscious. With his own soul inside of Tanisha, he could only hope hers was inside of his body. Then there would be the issue of switching back. He had hoped to get close to her up here, but he could’ve never expected anything like this!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Carly hated how her parents were arguing lately. They always told her that it wasn’t her fault, but Carly knew it was. The whole thing started because she found a shiny object on the side of the road as she walked home from school one day. Carly saw her mom put it on later that night, and when she touched it to her dad, she saw them transform into each other right in front of her eyes. At first they seemed happy, so much so that Carly tossed the medallion into the trash can. But then the arguments started. Each of her parents blamed the other for getting rid of the medallion. They practically tore the house apart looking for it. They were angry now that they were trapped in each other’s bodies. Carly didn’t want to fess up that she had been the one who tossed the medallion in the trash. She just knew her parents were mad and thought telling the truth would cause that anger to be directed towards her.

Loss for words

Edward ran into his house after returning from school and entered his father’s study. He was surprised to see a woman standing there. The woman spoke with a husky voice that Edward immediately recognized.

“Dad?” Edward asked.

“Yes, Ed, it’s me.” His dad’s husky voice coming from the woman still seemed odd to Edward, “There was a strange accident at work today. For the next several days, I will be stuck in this body. I’ll also be working from home and mostly staying inside until this can all be reversed.”

Edward was at a loss for words.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Away from it all

TG Altered Fates Caption
Kevin might have appeared calm, but on the inside he was in a panic. He could have sworn this is where he had set up his towel, but it was now gone along with his shoes, clothes, room key, and (worst of all) the Medallion of Zulu. He had just gotten up for a quick second; where could it have gone in that time? He did a quick scan around, but there was no sign of anything. Maybe someone was playing a prank on him? Maybe they’d return with his stuff shortly? It didn’t seem likely. No one he knew was even here! He had intended to use the medallion for a weekend vacation, to truly get away from all of his worries, but unless he could find it again, he’d have an entirely new set of worries very soon!

Coffee time (Part 5)

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As Chuck examined the wires, he became more and more convinced that they were responsible for swapping him into this woman’s body, but he still couldn’t figure out how to trigger them -- nor did he have any idea where his body had gone off to even if he could figure out the wires. He sighed as he walked away. He’d have to try it again some other day. For the time being, he’d have to adjust to being this woman.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Far from coincidence (Part 2)

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TG Caption Body Swap
Leah and Kamal continued to chat and catch up for a few minutes, but their conversation was soon interrupted by a very odd stranger. He seemed old and homeless. He had unkempt white hair, a bushy beard, and a yellowed glass eye. He pointed a finger at them and Leah and Kamal stepped back in fear. They soon both felt light-headed and started having a truly out of body experience. Leah was scared as her spirit seemed to be slowly floating out of her body, but she was more terrified when it floated back -- straight in Kamal’s body! She was now him! She turned to look at her own body, glancing it over up and down in shock. Kamal, now in Leah’s body, returned a knowing look, and then both stared back at the old man in anger.

ASAP! (Part 11)

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Samuel couldn’t wait to share all the good news with Miho. He had done a very good job making sure Miho would have a very good life once they were able to swap back. That was the other piece of good news; he was close to recreating his bodyswapping invention. He was just waiting for a few more rare elements to be shipped in and assembled into the device. They had been meeting about once a month since the swap to update each other about their lives. Samuel smiled just thinking about their next scheduled meeting in a few day when he could tell her everything!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

It was gone (Part 1)

Steve reached down to check on the medallion, but it was gone! He had told Kelly it was a bad idea to keep it around his neck all day. He had wanted to keep it back at their apartment building, but she had heard so many stories about the thing getting lost or stolen, so she insisted he take it with him for the day. And now it was gone! That meant he’d be stuck in her body, and she’d be stuck in his!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The white flash seemed to come out of nowhere. Neil hadn’t noticed a camera nearby, but there was one right in his face all of a sudden -- it must’ve been what caused the flash. Then he realized he wasn’t where he just was. He was now in the back of a car. But that wasn’t even the weirdest part. He was now wearing a long black dress with a low cut top and -- oh, dear God, a chest almost falling out the front -- a woman’s chest! And there was blonde hair too! He was in someone else’s body! Maybe that white light wasn’t a camera flash after all!

Friday, May 24, 2013


It must have been the off-season for Exchange Island, Hector hadn’t seen a single other person on the beach so far. He was sure that there had to someone else somewhere on the island. After all, he did swap with a beautiful woman; she had to be in his body somewhere. The next day, he tried going to the beach on the other side of the island further away from the resort. Once again, he was the only person there. The whole place felt like a ghost town. Then again, it’s not like he was bothered by the private time in his borrowed body.

The satchel (Part 1)

Adam had been pretty excited for his summer internship at a research lab. He had heard about some of the inventions they had been working on and couldn’t wait to see them first hand. However, he was soon disappointed when most of his duties involved getting coffee or bringing packages to other labs. He didn’t get to see anything in action. That all changed one day when he was given a small leather satchel with delivery instruction. He thought it was just another courier duty, but he had no idea what was inside. No one at the lab told Adam he would be a test subject of their latest invention. They monitored his location, and when Adam was close enough to another intern from another lab carrying a similar satchel, both labs activated their devices. Adam instantly noticed the change: He had switched bodies with the other intern!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

All the excuse in the world (Part 2)

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Jason knew he was spending way too long in the bathroom. Even though he wasn’t doing anything, he knew that if he stayed too long, Gloria would suspect he was. He figured he just needed to regain his composure. He ran his fingers through his hair to try to do so. It was probably a mistake. He wasn’t sure if it was perfume or shampoo, but he could smell his Gloria’s body -- which was now his body. Why did girls have to smell so good? And he was a girl now...why did he have to smell so good? It made it so hard to resist the temptation of playing with this body.

The gym (Part 1)

Barney had decided to start going to the gym in the hope of getting a better body, but he never expected anything like this! He expected to lose a few pounds from his belly that he had let go in recent years and maybe gain a little muscle, but there was no way he could have anticipated a strange body swapping cloud to engulf the gym. Nor would he have ever expected to switch bodies with a hot woman he often tried to gawk at while working out. He had never had the courage to even say hello and yet now he was her!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do you mind?

TG Bodyswap
“Are you aware how annoying your hair is?” Malcom asked Zoe as he played with a strand of it, “Do you mind if I shave it all of?”

“You’d better not!” She snapped back.

“Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re going to be stuck in each other’s bodies. We’ve come back to this diner where that witch cursed us for three days straight now. She’s not going to show up and uncurse us or something. Face it, I’m going to be in your body forever, and you’re going to be in mine.”

“No, she’ll come back. When she does, we just need to make an apology, and she’ll switch us back. I’ve seen it in the movies!”

“Movies aren’t real.”

“And we didn’t think body switching was real either until three days ago!”

Birthday (Part 18)

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There was only one bullet in the chamber. Matt thought about it some more. He could end it. End it all; end all this swapping. He left a mess of people in the wrong bodies throughout this chain. This would put an end to that. Then again, it would also mean that he’d be ending this woman’s life. Would that be fair to her? Even if there was no hope she’d ever get her own body back? He put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Body swap law

TG Body SWap
“You are aware that body swapping is a crime, aren’t you, Mr. Pooler?” The detective asked.

“Of course,” Brian Pooler answered as he leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the table, “I’ve been doing a lot of research on body swap law. I also know that you can’t lock me up as long as I’m in Ms. Wilson’s body here, because she technically didn’t commit a crime.”

“It’s only a matter of time before we find your original body and use the station swapper to switch you back.”

“I doubt you’ll ever find my body.”

“Are you saying you killed it?”

“No, like I’ve said, I’ve read up on the law. If I did that, it would be Ms. Wilson here convicted. I’m just saying that you’ll never find it. And that’s about all your getting from me, so if you aren’t chargin me with a crime, and you’ve got nothing to charge me with, then you’ll just have to let me go for now.”

Dream (Part 2)

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Rich was sure he should’ve woken up by now. It felt like days had passed in this dream! He remembered going to bed several times, having dreams within the dream, and waking up. But he couldn’t wake up; he was still a cheerleader. And it wasn’t so much fun anymore! He was no longer being pampered. He had to work, and those cheerleading routines were tough! He was surprised that he was able to pull them off -- even if he couldn’t kick quite as high as the other girls -- and his body was exhausted afterwards. Why couldn’t he just wake up and escape all this?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jaw dropped (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Marc found it odd when Deborah invited him to lunch. While they had been good friends in high school, he couldn’t even recall the last time he had seen her. She told him he’d enjoy the news she had to share. He was shocked when she told him that she had found a way to swap two people’s bodies, but his jaw dropped when she actually initiated a swap and he was suddenly staring at his own body across the table.

He realized why she had picked him, why she had called him. He had shared a secret confession with her back when the two were in high school. He often dreamed of what it was like to be a woman. He had a raging curiosity about it. She had remembered all this time, and here she was giving him a chance to be one, more specifically to be her!


Fred had panicked when he first swapped bodies with the driver of the magic taxi, but it wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity. He read up on the cab’s journals. He knew he could now swap with someone he picked up. That meant an entirely new life. He made his selection carefully, picking a woman who looked to have a great deal of potential. After the swap, he began to walk away, but soon found the woman now in the cabbie’s body chasing him! He ran to get away! The journal had always described the swaps as being pretty peaceful; there had been nothing like this described in there ever! He needed to figure out a way to evade his pursuer quickly!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pleasant surprise (Part 1)

Timothy had been leaning over the balcony in his apartment when it started. It first felt like his clothes were shifting all around him, but then he realized that it was his entire body! He first felt his jeans slowly slide up his legs, shifting from a loose pair of pants to tight shorts. As they went up, the skin revealed became smooth. His arms as well, both became thinner, but his butt actually popped out a little -- his chest as well! Hair started tickling the sides of his face and then his shoulders. His t-shirt turned pink. Timothy could only marvel at the changes, giving his new bottom a quick feel. A sudden tingle in his crotch -- unlike the rest of the transformation this part was a little painful -- and he knew that he had fully become a woman.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New procedure

It all started a little over a year ago. Anthony was a gay, flamboyant drag queen who recently realized that he wanted to be an actual woman. Francine was a tomboyish lesbian who had wanted to be a man for a long time. They had both set up appointments with the same doctor for gender reassignment surgery. After seeing both patients, the doctor had a better idea and asked the two if they’d be interested in an experimental new brain swapping procedure. They had their doubts, but he assured them it was actually much less dangerous than gender reassignment. A few weeks after the surgery, the pair began their new lives. Anthony decided he could wear his drag outfits every day. After all, he did have the body for it now! Francine had been very beautiful. He couldn’t believe she had ever covered up this body. On the other hand, Francine was a little disappointed with Anthony’s body. She couldn’t believe a man would want to be so frail and skinny. She needed to bulk it up, but she actually found it more difficult than she had imagined. It was a chance encounter that brought the two back together twelve months later. Anthony was with two of his friends and excited to see Francine. He complimented her on how manly she had made his body look. Francine thought he was being sarcastic, still feeling like a skinny wimp. She told him that his outfit looked ridiculous. No real woman would ever dress so outlandish!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Give it a chance (Part 1)

TG Body Swap Brother Sister
Devin loved his sister Andrea, but loving her was often difficult. She was egotistical and arrogant, obsessed with her looks, and often bitchy. It was a magical accident that switched his body with hers, and he couldn’t have been angrier. He not only had to deal with her body, but he also had to deal with her reputation. Everyone would see HIM as the bitch now.

He looked back at her with scorn, “You probably want me to consider myself lucky for switching bodies with you.”

“Actually,” she said, “I’m the lucky one here. I’ve been jealous of you for a long time. You were smart, nice, and male. These were things I always wanted to be, but as I became more and more jealous of you, and with that jealous came anger. And I coated that anger with arrogance and shallowness. But I think I’ll be a person now that I’m you; now that I’m everything I always wanted to be. Maybe you can make me a better person too.”

“Did you do this?”

“No, and if you’re not happy, we can find a way to switch back, but I hope you’ll be willing to at least give it a chance for a while.”

Minding his own business

Brian had been minding his own business with a nice, relaxing stroll in the park when a jogger took a sharp corner and ran straight into him knocking him on his feet. The two had banged heads pretty hard, but that didn’t explain what Brian was seeing as he took a few moments to recover. He looked over to see...himself? And he looked down to see...oh no! It was like something out of a bad Japanese TV show! The knock to their heads must have somehow switched the pair’s bodies! He was now in the body of the female jogger that had run into him!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Black hole (Part 1)

TG Caption
Scientists had detected the anomaly months ago. It had seemed to break all known laws of science, but a small piece of black hole seemed to actually be headed in the direction of Earth. It was less than a size of a single atom, but it was massively warping time and space in its path. Astronomers noted that as the small black hole passed through the asteroid belt, it had actually merged two asteroid into one. Predictions for the effects on Earth ranged from harmless to total destruction. As it got closer, many breathed a sigh of relief when it seemed to be on a course for a near miss. However, Earth didn’t escape the black holes effects completely. There were many reports of truly strange happenings. Sam had been hitting on some women at a night club when it was suddenly day time. The club had fused with a gym and an apartment building. The disco ball now sat in a fireplace, and the clubgoers found themselves in the bodies of people at the gym. Sam was shocked to find himself in the body of a woman working out. The women he had been hitting on were now two muscular men. All sorts of things just seemed out of place, but the greatest concern for most people was the fact that they were now in new bodies. Sam adjusted slowly. He had expected something to happen based on the TV reports on the black hole, but he never expected anything like this. Neither did anyone else. Luckily, the rearranging of the world was only in isolated pockets. Officials were quick to tell those affected that things could have been a lot worse.

The book (Part 1)

Jack looked at the shelf where the magic book lay. He and Anne had found a spell inside last week that caused them to switch bodies. They were supposed to switch back today. Anne would be over in just a little while, but Jack was starting to think now that he didn’t want to switch back. He had enjoyed being in Anne’s body so much! But what could he possibly do? She had sounded so excited to switch back when he had talked on the phone with her earlier...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

True identity

TG Pop Culture
Like most of the residents of Gotham -- and most residents of the world, for that matter -- Batman was struggling with the effects of the Great Shift. He had picked out a new outfit already. It would work perfectly with his mask atop his head. He would need to retrain his new body to make it as strong as his old one had been. He wasn’t sure his new female form would strike the same fear in his foes that his old one did, but he was sure they’d learn to fear it. Then there was the Bruce Wayne problem. Would revealing that both Wayne and Batman had become women clue people in? He pondered an alternate idea. Alfred had ended up in his former body. Perhaps his loyal servant could pretend like he really was Bruce Wayne, like he hadn’t swapped at all. Alfred knew enough about his life. It would be perfect, and it would throw people off Batman’s true identity for sure. The Great Shift may have just been a bit of a blessing in disguise!

Tomorrow (Part 3)

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“I found it in your closet!” Mike exlaimed.

“Just because it’s in my closet doesn’t mean I ever wear it! And I don’t wear that because you can see my underwear through it!” Angela yelled back.

“It’s not your underwear! It’s your bikini! My friends and I had plans to go to the beach after school today!” Mike smiled.

“YOUR friends...” Angela rolled her eyes, “...are probably not going to comprehend the fact that we somehow switched bodies.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess YOU’RE going to the beach today.”

“Hang out with your friends? Ugh, gag me!”

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


TG Body Swap
Phil knew he was nothing short of a genius. The serum he had invented a few months ago was proof of that. The technical nature of it was very complex, but it worked simply enough. If two people drank from the same batch of serum, they would swap bodies. His first and only test involved himself and his girlfriend Amber, and once he was in her body, he had no interest in switching back. He expected he never would. He broke up with her and started a new life with her body. But as time passed, he got bored with being Amber. Knowing that he could just use his knowledge to create another batch of serum and become someone else was just too tempting.

He invited Amber’s best friend Rene over. Of course, he had a drink all ready for her to try, and he knew that once she had some, he’d have a whole new life that he’d be able to try as well!

Who put that wall there? (Part 1)

Ow! Who put that wall there? It was all Neil could think when he got out of bed and walked straight into a wall. That wall was NOT in his bedroom last night! Of course, Neil hadn’t yet realized that he was no longer in his room; in fact, he was no longer in his own body either. At some point while he slept, he had swapped bodies with a woman!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Too much to ask

Magic Taxi TG Caption
It had been months since David’s encounter with the magic taxi. He really didn’t have anything to complain about. After switching with the cab driver, he then used the taxi’s power to swap with a young woman. She was gorgeous, which afforded him with a fantastic sex life. And she was rich, which meant he could do just about anything he dreamed of. But from time to time, he still longed for a chance to get his old life back. On one late night on his way home, he saw it again, the magic taxi. He could see the driver’s face from a block away. How could he not recognize it? It had been his face for a short while. He thought about hailing it, taking another chance. Maybe he’d even find his old body again. But he didn’t hail. Instead, he just let the magic taxi pass him by. It was probably for the best. He had gotten a good body from the magic of the taxi. It probably would have been too much to ask to be that lucky again.

Incredibly uncomfortable

TG caption boyfriend girlfriend body swap
Luke awoke to the sound of a ringing phone. He slumped his arm over to pick it up and heard the strangest thing -- his own voice! The voice claimed to be his girlfriend, Yolanda. That’s when Luke threw off the covers to find that he was in Yolanda’s body! They had somehow switched overnight. Luke told her that he’d be right over to try and figure out what the heck was going on. He hung up and started digging through Yolanda’s wardrobe for something to wear. Most of her clothes were way too feminine and sexy for Luke’s taste. Ultimately, he decided one of her workout outfits was his best option, but as he walked through the parking lot of her building, he still felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Late (Part 2)

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Nathan’s mind was still trying to figure it all out. He had become a woman, but he had always been a woman, hadn’t he? He was meeting a date, but had he been waiting or had he just arrived? Somehow he thought both. Catching a quick glimpse of himself in a reflection, he realized he was meeting...himself. He was int he body of the woman from the online dating site. Was she around here in his body? But he clearly had memories of both him and her. If he found her, would she even remember anything?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some bad news

TG body swap captions
Gerald came home from work one day to find a young woman sitting on the couch wielding a scythe. He knew she could probably lob his head off with one swift blow if she wanted to, so he decided to proceed with caution and nervously asked her, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The woman replied, “I’m death.”

Gerald gave a puzzled look, “Death? You don’t look like death.”

“No, not anymore. I used to! You remember the Great Shift don’t you? Oh, my, I guess that was some time ago, right? The massive bodyswapping event that happened generations ago? Don’t they teach anything in history anymore? Anyway, turns out even I wasn’t immune to its effects, which was quite awkward because that was quite the busy day. The woman who ended up in my body went quite crazy. We have her locked down in the netherworld for the time being. My job has become a lot easier since the Shift. It seems people are much happier to follow a cute woman into the afterlife than the gruesome hooded figure I once was. Speaking of which, Mr. Tyson, I have some bad news...”

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chubby (Part 2)

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Despite rushing back as fast as he could, the carnival was closed and long gone by the time he got there. It seemed he would be stuck with this body. The ride back home was quite depressing. But as he thought about it, he realized there was a bright side. He had wanted to be an Asian woman, and he was one. The hardest part was over. Now he just needed to lose a little bit of weight to get his body the way he wanted. Okay, so he’d have to lose a LOT of weight, but he was sure he could do it!

Pixie (Part 1)

magical TG transformation
Francis maintained a beautiful garden in his backyard. One day, he noticed a fish flopping around in a tub where he usually kept tools. He couldn’t figure out how a fish had gotten there. He felt bad for the poor thing, so he took a pitcher and started to fill up the tub. It took hours, but he managed to fill it. Soon the fish was swimming happily. What Francis could have never known was that the fish was magical and wanted to reward the person who saved his life. In an instant, Francis’s body started to change. The fish was turning into a half-human and half-pixie creature. As half-pixie, Francis became a feminine woman with magic of his own. Despite this great gift, Francis wasn’t particularly thankful...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A bad day

One by one, the people sitting at the bar complained about how bad their day was. The woman at the end of the bar laughed as she pulled out a cigarette.

“You want to talk about a bad day. I’ve had the worst,” She said, “When I woke up this morning, I was a man.”

A few jaws dropped.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened,” She continued, “I think I probably pissed off an ex-girlfriend or something. She wanted her revenge, so as the day went on, I slowly morphed into a woman. It was subtle at first, but there was one point that I used the bathroom when things became very obvious.”

Collect them all

When Richard married Susan, there was only one problem -- her son. The young boy hated Richard. Every night, the child wished that his mom had married someone else instead, like maybe one of the characters of his favorite cartoons. Unfortunately for Richard, the wish was granted. Waking up one morning in a strange woman’s body was odd enough for Richard, but he also felt a strange desire to catch Pokemon. He didn’t even know what a Pokemon was, but he knew he wanted to catch them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best birthday ever

TG Transformation
Mike was having trouble forming his words. He had come home that day and found himself instantly transformed into a woman. He looked at his hands and slowly let a sentence escape from his lips, “This is, like, the best...birthday...present...ever! Thanks, Mom!”

His mom clasped her hands together, happy her son was overjoyed with what she had done.

“It took me months to find that Spells’R’Us store, and the wizard just didn’t understand that I was buying a gift for a boy who willingly wanted to be transformed into a girl. He is so used to tricking people into it,” His mom explained.

“When do I have to change back?”

“Anytime you want?”

“How about never?”


Dr. Henry Grant first heard about Exchange Island a few years ago. His was dismissive at first. After all, switching bodies was not scientifically possible! But his first visit to the island proved that very wrong! He had returned several times since to test various theories about the island. For his latest, he called in a boat remotely to see what would happen if someone left the island in a borrowed body. He had two leading theories. One would be snapped back to their own body back on the island after reaching a certain point. The other would be getting trapped in the new body. His second theory gave him some pause. This was the first time he had swapped with a woman. If he took this boat out to test the theory, he might be trapped in this woman’s body forever. It was a risk he’d have to take -- for science!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sporty (Part 1)

TG Caption
Watching the Sunday football games was a weekend tradition for Paul and his two best friends, Larry and Marty. None of them were about to let a little thing like the Great Shift change that. In many ways Paul was dreading seeing his two friends like this. Though the NFL had quickly gotten going again with teams hastily put back together with many new players, many stores still hadn’t opened. That meant Paul had to pick his outfit from the selection of clothes the woman he had swapped with owned. Being a woman was tough enough for him, but the fact that she didn’t seem to own a single piece of clothing that didn’t scream sexy drove him crazy. He tried his best to go for a sporty look this week...despite the fact that he only had the option of various heels, he picked the most athletic-looking type of heel and some shorts (even though they were way too short for his taste and showed off way too much leg). He was thankful that she owned a few football jerseys though!

It actually worked! (Part 1)

It actually worked! Quinn couldn’t believe that the device had actually allowed him to steal Stacy’s body. He was immediately overjoyed to be in the body of such a hot woman! In the hour since the swap, she had probably just been sitting around and freaking out in his body. However, he had immediately gone to a fetish shop to buy a leather outfit. He was going to take advantage of this body like Stacy never had! He smiled and knew that he had to put this device somewhere for safe-keeping.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Tg Body Swapping Ray Gun
When Tony saw the man pull out an item from his jacket that looked like a gun, he ran. Most in the crowd did the same, but they’d all soon learn that the odd man wasn’t hoping a traditional gun, he had a body swapping ray. Tony felt the force when he was hit, but it didn’t feel like he was bleeding. Instead, it felt like his feet were now misshapen and it was difficult to run. Once his adrenaline lowered, he realized he had switch bodies with a business woman. There wasn’t anything wrong with his feet; he was just wearing high heels now! Of course, everyone had run so far from the chaos, he knew it was gong to be difficult to find his own body. Plus, that mad man with the body switching ray was still out there! He might luck out if he was hit again, or he could end up in a body that would make things more difficult for him, such as a baby or an elderly person! For now, he’d keep his distance and this body.

They were wrong

Jefferson and Maybelle had hoped their farm was far enough away from civilization to not be affected by the transformation virus. They were wrong. Jefferson caught it first. He was sick in bed for a week. Maybelle had hoped it was just the flu, but by the second day, she knew what it was. He had lost a considerable amount of mass, his hair was longer, and his frame became very feminine. After the full seven days were over, he was fully female. He had to borrow Maybelle’s clothes, as his own were now way too large on it. They thought the transformation virus had passed. They were wrong again. A month later, Maybelle was struck. This time, it was Jefferson hoping for the best. However, after only a day, Maybelle had a layer of thin white hair all over her body. Three days later, her hands and feet had melded into hooves. After a week, Maybelle had become a horse. Jefferson still loved his wife dearly, but Maybelle was slowly losing human intellect with her horse-sized brain. Jefferson knew he had to let go and move on. He looked her in the eye to tell her that he was moving on to new relationships. He hoped she heard and understood, but Maybelle’s horse brain could only grasp the words as soothing jibberish.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family (Part 2)

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“Newsflash for you, Son...your sister smokes! She also wears this ridiculously slutty clothes. Why do you think I’m doing this stuff? I AM trying to respect her and get to know her. Why do you think I’m trying to get you to loosen up? Your mom isn’t a stiff. She likes to have fun. Trust me! I know!”

“Gross, Dad! I’m not sure I want to know...” Rick tepidly responded.

“Well, you’d better learn to embrace being your mother and understanding her personality better if you hope to switch back. I don’t want you to be the one keeping this curse from being broken. Then again, I can’t say I can really complain about being young again. I just wish I wasn’t in my own daughter’s body, you know?”

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New life (Part 3)

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A few months later, there were all sorts of programs set up to help people cope with their new bodies as a result of the Great Shift. Alex was in a body that was eligible to return to school. He had actually never graduated high school, so he figured now was his chance. Maybe he’d finish this time and perhaps even go to college. He made plenty of friends, but he often complained about the fact that the Shift dropped him in the body of a woman. His friend Chris sighed. He told Alex to be glad. Things could have been worse. Not only had Chris become a woman, but he was also fat!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Polar opposite (Part 2)

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TG Body Merging
Norman feverishly took notes on the fused Walter/Bella -- which he dubbed “Wanda” for convenience. At first, she exhibited confusion. She felt like Norman’s friend, but also felt way too cool to be hanging out with him. Wanda still felt a close relationship with Norman, but she didn’t feel related to him any more. Her style was totally geek chic, and she seemed to be just as interested in Star Trek and video games as she was in fashion and cute celebrities. Norman’s constant notetaking made her feel awkward, and she soon left without even saying goodbye. While she felt like Walter at times and like Bella at others, she wanted to break free of both those roles, and she knew Norman’s close connection with both would constantly be forcing her to act like one or the other. She needed to forge her own way.

Body Port

This caption is loosely based on this story.
Body port body swap TG caption
Body Porting had replaced airline travel about 10 years ago. The idea was simple: Your brain could be teleported hundreds of miles away in an instant into the body of someone living where you wanted to go. If you booked your trip early enough, you often got your pick of bodies. A last minute trip meant you were more likely to be randomly assigned. Of course, Jonathan wished he had booked his trip for his friend’s wedding far sooner. With his last minute ticket, he ended up in the body of a woman, which meant he’d be wearing a dress to the wedding, and he’d probably be get hit on by some of his friend’s drunken relatives...