Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Carly hated how her parents were arguing lately. They always told her that it wasn’t her fault, but Carly knew it was. The whole thing started because she found a shiny object on the side of the road as she walked home from school one day. Carly saw her mom put it on later that night, and when she touched it to her dad, she saw them transform into each other right in front of her eyes. At first they seemed happy, so much so that Carly tossed the medallion into the trash can. But then the arguments started. Each of her parents blamed the other for getting rid of the medallion. They practically tore the house apart looking for it. They were angry now that they were trapped in each other’s bodies. Carly didn’t want to fess up that she had been the one who tossed the medallion in the trash. She just knew her parents were mad and thought telling the truth would cause that anger to be directed towards her.


  1. LOL, great use of pic!! :) The husband shouldn't be complaining about being stuck in his wife's sexy blonde body ;)

  2. Wow, really great use writing the story to fit the pic! Well Done!