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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Port (Part 1)

Ted and Ivy were a young, rich couple with a poor attitude. They were rude to just about everyone they met. One day, they ticked off the wrong person. She was a witch, who cursed the couple to swap bodies. Before disappearing, she gave them a series of clues to find her. If they found her before a year was up, the curse would be lifted. If they didn’t, they’d be forever trapped in the other’s body. The couple immediately set off on their private boat to look for the woman. For the next few months, they landed at port after port looking for the woman, each feeling quite humble in the wrong body, wearing the other’s clothes. The clues didn’t seem to help much, and each visit to a new place felt more like a crapshoot than any sort of educated guess.


  1. funny, good use ofpic & good start. PLS continue

  2. Very funny, could be the start of a series as they keep looking for the witch!