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Monday, May 27, 2013

Far from coincidence (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
TG Caption Body Swap
Leah and Kamal continued to chat and catch up for a few minutes, but their conversation was soon interrupted by a very odd stranger. He seemed old and homeless. He had unkempt white hair, a bushy beard, and a yellowed glass eye. He pointed a finger at them and Leah and Kamal stepped back in fear. They soon both felt light-headed and started having a truly out of body experience. Leah was scared as her spirit seemed to be slowly floating out of her body, but she was more terrified when it floated back -- straight in Kamal’s body! She was now him! She turned to look at her own body, glancing it over up and down in shock. Kamal, now in Leah’s body, returned a knowing look, and then both stared back at the old man in anger.


  1. Great second part!! :D Hope Kamal knows how lucky he is to get Leah's body ;)

  2. Nice, I love the look on their faces after the swap! LOL