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Monday, May 6, 2013

They were wrong

Jefferson and Maybelle had hoped their farm was far enough away from civilization to not be affected by the transformation virus. They were wrong. Jefferson caught it first. He was sick in bed for a week. Maybelle had hoped it was just the flu, but by the second day, she knew what it was. He had lost a considerable amount of mass, his hair was longer, and his frame became very feminine. After the full seven days were over, he was fully female. He had to borrow Maybelle’s clothes, as his own were now way too large on it. They thought the transformation virus had passed. They were wrong again. A month later, Maybelle was struck. This time, it was Jefferson hoping for the best. However, after only a day, Maybelle had a layer of thin white hair all over her body. Three days later, her hands and feet had melded into hooves. After a week, Maybelle had become a horse. Jefferson still loved his wife dearly, but Maybelle was slowly losing human intellect with her horse-sized brain. Jefferson knew he had to let go and move on. He looked her in the eye to tell her that he was moving on to new relationships. He hoped she heard and understood, but Maybelle’s horse brain could only grasp the words as soothing jibberish.

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