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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jaw dropped (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Marc found it odd when Deborah invited him to lunch. While they had been good friends in high school, he couldn’t even recall the last time he had seen her. She told him he’d enjoy the news she had to share. He was shocked when she told him that she had found a way to swap two people’s bodies, but his jaw dropped when she actually initiated a swap and he was suddenly staring at his own body across the table.

He realized why she had picked him, why she had called him. He had shared a secret confession with her back when the two were in high school. He often dreamed of what it was like to be a woman. He had a raging curiosity about it. She had remembered all this time, and here she was giving him a chance to be one, more specifically to be her!


  1. What a cool CAP! Usually the body swapper is stealing a body but in this case she is giving him his dream. Nice Job.


  2. I agree!! She's doing him a real favor :)

  3. Very good story & super use of pic. I wonder why she did