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Monday, May 13, 2013

Too much to ask

Magic Taxi TG Caption
It had been months since David’s encounter with the magic taxi. He really didn’t have anything to complain about. After switching with the cab driver, he then used the taxi’s power to swap with a young woman. She was gorgeous, which afforded him with a fantastic sex life. And she was rich, which meant he could do just about anything he dreamed of. But from time to time, he still longed for a chance to get his old life back. On one late night on his way home, he saw it again, the magic taxi. He could see the driver’s face from a block away. How could he not recognize it? It had been his face for a short while. He thought about hailing it, taking another chance. Maybe he’d even find his old body again. But he didn’t hail. Instead, he just let the magic taxi pass him by. It was probably for the best. He had gotten a good body from the magic of the taxi. It probably would have been too much to ask to be that lucky again.

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