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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do you mind?

TG Bodyswap
“Are you aware how annoying your hair is?” Malcom asked Zoe as he played with a strand of it, “Do you mind if I shave it all of?”

“You’d better not!” She snapped back.

“Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re going to be stuck in each other’s bodies. We’ve come back to this diner where that witch cursed us for three days straight now. She’s not going to show up and uncurse us or something. Face it, I’m going to be in your body forever, and you’re going to be in mine.”

“No, she’ll come back. When she does, we just need to make an apology, and she’ll switch us back. I’ve seen it in the movies!”

“Movies aren’t real.”

“And we didn’t think body switching was real either until three days ago!”


  1. The witch did him a favor me thinks, lol. :) Great use of pic I concur.

  2. Very funny CAP! I'm thinking the witch isn't going to show up any time soon! LOL.


  3. I'd a be happy to be her with that wonderful hair!