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Saturday, May 18, 2013

New procedure

It all started a little over a year ago. Anthony was a gay, flamboyant drag queen who recently realized that he wanted to be an actual woman. Francine was a tomboyish lesbian who had wanted to be a man for a long time. They had both set up appointments with the same doctor for gender reassignment surgery. After seeing both patients, the doctor had a better idea and asked the two if they’d be interested in an experimental new brain swapping procedure. They had their doubts, but he assured them it was actually much less dangerous than gender reassignment. A few weeks after the surgery, the pair began their new lives. Anthony decided he could wear his drag outfits every day. After all, he did have the body for it now! Francine had been very beautiful. He couldn’t believe she had ever covered up this body. On the other hand, Francine was a little disappointed with Anthony’s body. She couldn’t believe a man would want to be so frail and skinny. She needed to bulk it up, but she actually found it more difficult than she had imagined. It was a chance encounter that brought the two back together twelve months later. Anthony was with two of his friends and excited to see Francine. He complimented her on how manly she had made his body look. Francine thought he was being sarcastic, still feeling like a skinny wimp. She told him that his outfit looked ridiculous. No real woman would ever dress so outlandish!

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