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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


TG Body Swap
Phil knew he was nothing short of a genius. The serum he had invented a few months ago was proof of that. The technical nature of it was very complex, but it worked simply enough. If two people drank from the same batch of serum, they would swap bodies. His first and only test involved himself and his girlfriend Amber, and once he was in her body, he had no interest in switching back. He expected he never would. He broke up with her and started a new life with her body. But as time passed, he got bored with being Amber. Knowing that he could just use his knowledge to create another batch of serum and become someone else was just too tempting.

He invited Amber’s best friend Rene over. Of course, he had a drink all ready for her to try, and he knew that once she had some, he’d have a whole new life that he’d be able to try as well!


  1. Awesome, I love body theft :D Maybe Rene will enjoy having Amber's body ;)

  2. Nice CAP, I suspect that most people if given the chance to swap as many bodies and lives as they wanted, wouldn't be able to resist! Human nature. LOL