Monday, May 20, 2013


Fred had panicked when he first swapped bodies with the driver of the magic taxi, but it wasn’t long before he saw an opportunity. He read up on the cab’s journals. He knew he could now swap with someone he picked up. That meant an entirely new life. He made his selection carefully, picking a woman who looked to have a great deal of potential. After the swap, he began to walk away, but soon found the woman now in the cabbie’s body chasing him! He ran to get away! The journal had always described the swaps as being pretty peaceful; there had been nothing like this described in there ever! He needed to figure out a way to evade his pursuer quickly!


  1. Smart move taking HIS heels off, but I would have kept them on myself and just ducked and weaved among the cars ;)

  2. I don't think the taxi driver could keep up with that young, fit, body. Really cool CAP.


  3. Fred totally gets away with that body! I just wanted to twist the usual magic taxi story.