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Friday, May 17, 2013

Give it a chance (Part 1)

TG Body Swap Brother Sister
Devin loved his sister Andrea, but loving her was often difficult. She was egotistical and arrogant, obsessed with her looks, and often bitchy. It was a magical accident that switched his body with hers, and he couldn’t have been angrier. He not only had to deal with her body, but he also had to deal with her reputation. Everyone would see HIM as the bitch now.

He looked back at her with scorn, “You probably want me to consider myself lucky for switching bodies with you.”

“Actually,” she said, “I’m the lucky one here. I’ve been jealous of you for a long time. You were smart, nice, and male. These were things I always wanted to be, but as I became more and more jealous of you, and with that jealous came anger. And I coated that anger with arrogance and shallowness. But I think I’ll be a person now that I’m you; now that I’m everything I always wanted to be. Maybe you can make me a better person too.”

“Did you do this?”

“No, and if you’re not happy, we can find a way to switch back, but I hope you’ll be willing to at least give it a chance for a while.”


  1. Ah, I smell a rat, I think Andrea instigated the swap. She's nuts cause that's one hot body.


  2. WOW! what a story great twist. One of our best