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Monday, May 6, 2013


Tg Body Swapping Ray Gun
When Tony saw the man pull out an item from his jacket that looked like a gun, he ran. Most in the crowd did the same, but they’d all soon learn that the odd man wasn’t hoping a traditional gun, he had a body swapping ray. Tony felt the force when he was hit, but it didn’t feel like he was bleeding. Instead, it felt like his feet were now misshapen and it was difficult to run. Once his adrenaline lowered, he realized he had switch bodies with a business woman. There wasn’t anything wrong with his feet; he was just wearing high heels now! Of course, everyone had run so far from the chaos, he knew it was gong to be difficult to find his own body. Plus, that mad man with the body switching ray was still out there! He might luck out if he was hit again, or he could end up in a body that would make things more difficult for him, such as a baby or an elderly person! For now, he’d keep his distance and this body.

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