Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best birthday ever

TG Transformation
Mike was having trouble forming his words. He had come home that day and found himself instantly transformed into a woman. He looked at his hands and slowly let a sentence escape from his lips, “This is, like, the best...birthday...present...ever! Thanks, Mom!”

His mom clasped her hands together, happy her son was overjoyed with what she had done.

“It took me months to find that Spells’R’Us store, and the wizard just didn’t understand that I was buying a gift for a boy who willingly wanted to be transformed into a girl. He is so used to tricking people into it,” His mom explained.

“When do I have to change back?”

“Anytime you want?”

“How about never?”

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  1. I like it! An SRU CAP with the customer willingly buying the transformation! Nice job.