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Monday, May 31, 2010

Working the beat (Part 1)

As if it wasn't hard enough for cops with guns, tasers, knives, mace, and every other imaginable weapon under the sun, some genius had to go invent a body-switching device. Officer Michael Park was investigating a routine breaking and entering when he was zapped by one of those damned things, switching his body with the perp's, who just happened to be the most attractive woman the officer had ever seen. She had gotten away with his body in the confusion, leaving Michael stuck adjusting to some very new feelings. After a bit of rehab though, it wasn't long before he was back on the beat.

True love

One of thhe strangest things about the Great Shift was the times when it was unable to keep true loves apart, despite causing some rather strange tensions. Rita and Frank had been married for over fifty years with traditional family values. They had disapproved of their daughter's lesbian lifestyle, but when they both found themselves in the bodies of women, they came around. Sure, it may have been a little selfish on their part, but they now knew that true love conquered all boundaries.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Suddenly finding himself in the body of a blonde bombshell caused Rick to scream. Of course, hearing the high pitch scream escape from his lips only freaked him out even more, resulting in an even louder scream. Rick was a woman now, and he was not happy about it!

"Lost" (Part 5)

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Carl eventually settled into a new life with his ex-wife's body in a location far away from her where she'd never see him again. He continued to drive various trucks and vehicles for a living, getting by on what he knew. However, over time something strange happened; something he never thought would happen--his new body's hormones starting sending his brain messages. It wasn't long before he felt the need to hook up with a man, settle down, and even (gasp) have children...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contort (Part 2)

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Herbert was truly amazed at the strength and dexterity of his new body. Still, if the Shift had resulted in his old brain getting stuck in the body of such a fit woman, who ended up in his old shell? The thought bothered the old man for quite sometime as he continued to move his new energetic body into various artful poses.

Woozy (Part 2)

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Dean took one final look back to the woman he had just switched bodies with. He had tried comforting the woman now in his body, reasoning with her, but she wouldn't listen. She just kept crying, telling him to go away. He sighed. He knew he got the better deal with this bodyswap, so he wanted to help the woman out. But if she didn't want to be helped, what could he do?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gathering (Part 4)

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Meanwhile, by the time Ryan arrived at the clothing swap, it was a little past 4PM, and there was literally nothing left. The racks had been cleaned out almost completely. He didn't even have to stay long looking at the few remaining scraps, and he'd have to find some other way to find clothing to fit his new female body...

Superheroine (Part 3)

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Johnny crossed his arms across his chest. He had tried everything he could possibly think of! How could activating his superpowers be this difficult? Then the thought slowly dawned on him: What if he wasn't a superhero at all?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hearts and minds (Part 3)

The shock of having his brain in a new body didn't wear off quickly for Doug. He slowly moved his new hands down and looked at a chest that ballooned outward. It was strange feeling the weight move on his chest as he breathed in and out. Not to mention the tight feeling of the bar that he now wore...

Kill switch

Caleb was sure he had built a kill-switch into this virtual reality world somewhere, it was only a matter of finding it and finding it fast! He had just started the second round of Beta testing when everything went horribly wrong. Instead of an idealized version of his own self, he entered the world in the body of a sexed up version of his assistant, Kyla. He overheard a voice talking about stealing his invention, but he had dismissed it. Now he realized that Kyla had trapped in the virutal world while she intended to go and sell his invention for millions. The money didn't matter to him so much, but he just couldn't stand being in a female body...even in a virtual one. To top it off, the failsafes seemed to be turned off, and if he didn't get out soon, he'd be trapped inside this virtual world forever!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nerdy to hottie

It felt weird writing directions for his own house to give to his own body. Martin had been an unpopular nerd his whole life, so he didn't have guests over often. Of course, thanks to the Great Shift he had swapped bodies with an attractive woman, and he had to coordinate with her about switching clothes. He felt bad that she now had his dumpy-looking nerdy body, but he guessed that was the way the dice rolled. Then again, it wasn't like he was looking forward to his new life either. The heels had been pinching his feet, and he knew that he'd have a monthly visitor. This wasn't good for either of them.


When Bryan was given the Medallion of Zulu, he had been warned. He had been told that it simply wanted to be lost. Once it transformed someone, it would find a way to disappear. Bryan dismissed the rumors and was merely excited to be in the possession of such a legendary artifact. He doubted that it could even morph someone's body, but one day curiosity got the better of him. He placed it around his neck and touched a piece of his girlfriend's clothing to it. Sure enough, the next thing he knew, he was her exact double. He put on some of her clothes now that his no longer fit, and in an almost all-too-predictable fashion, he couldn't seem to find the medallion after changing. He got down on his hands and knees to search the area, thinking he dropped it, and it couldn't have gone far. He should have listened to the warnings.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The curse

Jake was jogging with his sister, Jillian, when the two were nearly run over by an old woman driving in her car. They both yelled curses at the elderly lady, but neither expected her to be a witch. The woman cursed the sibling by forcing their heads on each other's bodies. Jake immediately freaked out having his sister's body from the neck down, and Jillian was also having a hard time accepting the situation. They quickly ran home to call the police and report this woman. It might be an impossible story, but their bodies were clearly evidence of the unbelievable event.

Not so super

Superman couldn't believe he had fallen for Lex Luthor's trap! He was attempting to rescu Lois when the mad scientist zapped him with some strange new device that caught the Man of Steel off-guard by knocking him out cold. He awoke in another part of town, and put on his outfit to fight Luthor once more. He was seemingly unaware of how long it took him to change, and he had yet to realize his new taste in clothing either. However, he noticed something was wrong when he tried to fly. He couldn't! In fact, all his super powers seemed to have gone away. He still hadn't quite figured out that Luthor hit him with a brain-swapping machine that would randomly deposit Superman's brain in a new body. Unluckily, the Kryptonian's brain was now in the body of an ordinary human hooker! Along with losing his powers, there were some other effects as well, one of which was maintaining this body's sexy style, which Superman couldn't seem to fight off with his might.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Murder investigation

Officer Michelle Daniels had been called down to investigate the murder of a young woman. Little did she know that the murderer was still there in the form of a ghost that had been possessing the young woman, and using up her energy. He had once been a man, but cursed at the time of his death to hop from body to body. The dead woman was his latest victim, and unfortunately, Officer Daniels would be his next. The rest of the police investigators had gone home, but Michelle worked late trying to piece together the scene. Nothing about it made sense, and that's when the ghost struck, inhabiting his new victim. He sighed, the past two possessions had been women, which he always groaned about, but at least he was a hot woman!

Heavy metal

Jason would've never guessed his life would ever be like this, but the Great Shift really did change everything. Before the shift, he was a tough hardcore heavy metal fan. No one would dare cross the hulky guy, and when the Shift plopped him into the body of a woman he was devistated. However, he adapted quicker to his new body than a lot of his other male friends. It wasn't long before he found himself dating! He got involved with Julie, a woman who had been shifted into the body of a man. Both couldn't have been happier, and despite their new bodies, Julie still acted fairly feminine, carrying a purse around. Jason still loved heavy metal.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Derek sulked. This night didn't end up going nearly as well as he hoped, despite starting off with such promise. He had been at a bar when a really hot woman asked him if he'd like to go back to her place. He quickly agreed, but that's when the world started to spin, and he found himself in her body. The entire world had shifted--everyone was in someone else's body and freaking out. Derek was no exception, but the woman (who was now in his body) asked him if he was still interested in fooling around at her place. Derek certainly wasn't ready to do that in his new body! He ended up just staying as people left. He sat down on his steps and sulked...

Hearts and Minds (Parts 2)

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The first thing that Doug noticed had changed were his hands used to shield from the bright pink light. While the last thing he saw were his own masculine hands, with his brain in a new body, the feminine hands that he now saw gave him quite a shock. When he wiggled his fingers, the manicured nails moved. It was truly a strange experience for him, and he was only beginning to comprehend his the fact that he was in a new body.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mansion (Part 2)

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Benjamin had quite a good time exploring the mansion that he found himself in, but now an even greater exploration was about to take place. He slowly pulled the tie on the front of his top, which would expose two perky breasts. They almost seemed too perfect; he wondered if this woman had some work done--she certainly could afford it easy enough! Next, he pulled down the short skirt; at least that was one thing he could be sure was all-natural!

Superheroine (Part 2)

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Johnny struck a heroic pose, convinced that the Great Shift had given him the body of a superhero, solely based off the shiny outfit that it wore. He was ready to fight crime and kick ass; he just needed to figure out what his superpower was. Of course, he really had no superpower to discover, as the Shift had simply swapped him into a woman's body in a silver bikini, but the imaginations of boys often run wild in strange situations.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hearts and minds

Doug saw a pink light in the sky that engulfed him for only a brief moment before it dissolved. As it faded, Doug discovered that his body had changed. What he didn't know was in that moment an entire month had passed. Aliens had abducted him, keeping him unconscious the entire time while they experimented on him and several other people. They had mostly removed organs to learn about human physiology. With the aliens' advanced technology, matching blood types were irrelevant, and thinking that all organs were interchangable, placed many parts back in the wrong bodies. None of the abductees ever noticed a misplaced liver or intestine, but a misplaced brain? That's what happened to Doug! The aliens had picked it up (along with his heart) when splicing back a young woman named Janet...


Josh wasn't quite sure what was happening. He had been walking home from work when someone struck him from behind. When he woke up, he was tied up, but weirder still, it seemed that he was in another person's body--the body of a woman, in fact! If he wasn't so afraid of what was going on, he guessed that he'd be turned on by the large breasts that now fell from his chest. At least he wasn't alone. Another woman sat right next to him; he wondered if this person was another man transformed into a woman as well...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I don't give a damn

Diane sighed, "Dave, I wish you wouldn't drink now that you have my body."

"Well, Diane," Dave retorted, "I wish you didn't steal my body, so until you give me my body back, I don't give a damn about your opinions on what I do to your body."

High kick

With a strange man running towards him, Ken screamed and lifted his leg to kick the threatening guy. However, Ken was amazed at how high he was able to kick, spreading his legs further than he ever had. Also, spying his legs, they noticed they weren't his own. He had new shapely legs clad in leggings with high heeled boots on his feet. Apparently the man coming towards him used to be in the body he was in now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The first day Miss Wong started at the local high school, everyone expected her to be cool. She was the youngest teacher at the school, only a few years older than many of the students, so they expected her to be more in touch than other faculty. However, she was uptight and strict; it wasn't long before every class hated her. After sending the school's sole goth kid, Dan, to the Principal for seemingly no good reason...he decided to get some revenge using his occult powers. The next day, all the students were in for a surprise when Miss Wong jumped on her desk and shouted, "Class is canceled today!" The students cheered at how cool she seemed, but little did any of them know that it was actually Dan inside the teacher's body...