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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kill switch

Caleb was sure he had built a kill-switch into this virtual reality world somewhere, it was only a matter of finding it and finding it fast! He had just started the second round of Beta testing when everything went horribly wrong. Instead of an idealized version of his own self, he entered the world in the body of a sexed up version of his assistant, Kyla. He overheard a voice talking about stealing his invention, but he had dismissed it. Now he realized that Kyla had trapped in the virutal world while she intended to go and sell his invention for millions. The money didn't matter to him so much, but he just couldn't stand being in a female body...even in a virtual one. To top it off, the failsafes seemed to be turned off, and if he didn't get out soon, he'd be trapped inside this virtual world forever!

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