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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not so super

Superman couldn't believe he had fallen for Lex Luthor's trap! He was attempting to rescu Lois when the mad scientist zapped him with some strange new device that caught the Man of Steel off-guard by knocking him out cold. He awoke in another part of town, and put on his outfit to fight Luthor once more. He was seemingly unaware of how long it took him to change, and he had yet to realize his new taste in clothing either. However, he noticed something was wrong when he tried to fly. He couldn't! In fact, all his super powers seemed to have gone away. He still hadn't quite figured out that Luthor hit him with a brain-swapping machine that would randomly deposit Superman's brain in a new body. Unluckily, the Kryptonian's brain was now in the body of an ordinary human hooker! Along with losing his powers, there were some other effects as well, one of which was maintaining this body's sexy style, which Superman couldn't seem to fight off with his might.