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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Ride

Josh hadn’t been driving the magic taxi for long. His body had just been stolen about an hour ago. He hadn’t even thought about the type of person he wanted to swap with; he’d been just picking up random fares. He was still wrapping his mind around the idea of swapping bodies. And then one woman got in the back. She seemed to be looking over her own body before she finally opened her mouth.

“I gotta tell you something crazy, man,” She told Josh, “You probably won’t even believe it, but I found this weird device that allows me to steal bodies. I took this chick’s body. I’m going to do all kinds of nasty things to it. I’m a guy with a woman’s body! This is going to be crazy!”

Josh didn’t like the sound of that, so he decided that this woman was going to be the person he would swap with. He just couldn’t let this guy get away with whatever he was planning to do. Plus, he might get access to this body swapping device he was talking about...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Evidence

“So what did this machine do?” Brent asked not really wanting an answer.

“It switched our bodies,” Janice replied.

“Switching bodies? That’s impossible.”

“Listen to your voice. Or look down at yourself. Or just look at me. I think all the evidence is clear that switching bodies is very possible.”

“Yeah, I can see and hear, but I assumed it was an illusion or something. Like the machine messed with my mind or something, and just made me think we’ve swapped.”

“No we really have.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Billionaire

Being a billionaire, Harvey wasn’t about to let the Great Shift spoil his life one little bit. The moment he found himself in a woman’s body, he was insistent on finding a solution. In fact, he was pretty sure one of his research divisions might already have one. He didn’t even bother changing out of the clothes the woman wore. He simply located his original body, called up his personal helicopter pilot, and set off.

A few hours later, he landed near the facility. Unfortunately, all of brilliant people he had hired to work for him now all seemed to have idiot’s brains inside them. There was likely a solution there, but no one knew how to find it, let alone pull it off.

Frustrated, Harvey made his way back to his helicopter only to find that the pilot, the woman in his original body, and the copter itself were all gone. Either she convinced the pilot to take off with it, or (perhaps) that wasn’t his trustworthy employee in the pilot’s body. Harvey was stuck for now...

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Teacher

Back when he was in high school, Mark always had trouble concentrating in Miss Park’s class. All the guys had agreed she was the hottest teacher in school, and it didn’t help that she always wore short skirts. Of course, if looking at Miss Park was a distracting; actually being her was a bigger one! As Mark stood in front of the high school class awkwardly teaching Miss Park’s lesson for the day, he nervously pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and thought about how he got himself in this situation.

Mark actually hadn’t thought about Miss Park or any of his other teachers much in the five years since he graduated, but he sure did recognize her when he saw her at the supermarket. She was wearing the same short skirts he remember, and she even smiled when he said hello as she made it a point to remember her former students. But then Mark suddenly felt something at his back. It felt like he was hit by a giant truck or something. Whatever it was, the next thing he knew, his soul pushed into Miss Park’s body and her soul ended up in his.

She brought Mark back to her apartment, explained her lesson plans and what he had to teach for the next few days. Mark tried to pay attention, but he kept looking down and seeing those long, attractive legs. It was even weirder to think that those legs were now his! He kept hoping this was all a bad dream he would wake up from, but the next day, he awoke and found he was still in Miss Park’s body.

It got worse when he looked in her closet to get ready for the day to find that she didn’t own anything other than short skirts. He knew the day wasn’t going to be easy. And as he stood there he kept hoping it was only going to be a day. He felt so uncomfortable knowing all the guys in class were staring at him the way he stared at Miss Park five years ago...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Week

When Henry and his wife Elena arrived on Exchange Island, they were told the swapping process would be a little slower than usual. They were both told to wait int he lobby with a group of other people until they found themselves swapped into a different body. Henry swapped almost instantly with a woman with long, dark hair. He told his wife he wait for her by the pool. It was several hours later before an elderly man stood next to Henry by the pool. He turned.

“You finally swapped with someone?” He asked.

“Yes,” Elena groaned, “But I think you got the better body this time. Everything joint I have just aches.”

“Probably,” Henry shrugged, “But it does feel like I have a pillow glued to my ass. I don’t know if I’m going to get used to having this booty all week!”

“At least it’s only a week!”

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Harvest

Before going on vacation, John’s friends had told him to careful. They warned him about a news article they read about tourists getting their organs harvested. Jack laughed off these concerns; he knew how to be safe. It turned out that even the resort had dangers. Someone must have slipped something into his drink one night. He awoke in a poor part of town on a cold floor above a factory, except instead of an organ being stolen -- it was his entire body! He was now a woman, seemingly malnourished and now expected to work in the factory below. The days were 18 hours long and John was tired. How had she managed to get into the resort? How did she find the time? How did she manage to swap bodies with him? And how was he going to escape from al of this?

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Park

Neil had gone for a walk in the park; it seemed innocent enough. The elderly were feeding the birds, couples were holding hands, and kids were playing. One kid in particular had an odd-looking toy. The alarming thing was that the toy seemed to be zapping people with some sort of jolt that caused them to go unconscious. It took Neil a little too long to realize what was happening and before he could get away, he too was zapped.

Neil awoke some time later. It became apparent to him that the toy the kid had was a body swapping device of some sort, and that he had been swapped into the body of a woman wearing leather pants and high heels. He did his best to lift himself to his feet, but the pants were quite restrictive and the heels were tough to stand up in. The kid was long gone, but there were plenty of people scattered around the park that seemed to be adjusting to their new body just like Neil.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Playlist (Part 7)

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And so the next morning, Tim resumed his runs. While he was focused on his exercise with heavy metal blaring in his ears, he took a familiar path with a clear intention. Sure enough, about midway through his run, he saw a friendly face he instantly knew. He stopped on the side of the track and reached to take his headphones off.

He smiled and asked, “How have you been enjoying my body?”

“It took me a while to get used to it,” The woman he swapped with said, “But I’m actually pretty happy now.”

“Me too. Thanks for all the help...especially the clothes. It would’ve been pretty expensive to build a whole new wardobe on my own.” “Same to you. Hope to see you around more often.” “I’m getting back in the habit. You always have my number...”

Tim put back on his headphone, turned up his music, and continued to run...

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Playlist (Part 6)

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With most of the world swapping bodies, there wasn’t any sort of expectation for people to adopt the social norms of their new bodies, but Tim had actually adjusted to being a woman. He wore makeup and feminine clothes. He had even spruced up his loft apartment quite a bit. However, he still liked his heavy metal; no bubblegum pop for him!

He decided that tomorrow he would start resuming his daily run. It had been something he had been letting slide since the Shift, but he didn’t want to let this body get soft. It wasn’t as strong as his had been, but it was still fairly fit.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Playlist (Part 5)

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Tim soon returned to his loft apartment, placing his phone carefully on the table before walking upstairs. It was all still pretty unreal -- being swapped into a woman’s body -- but it was finally starting to sink in. In fact, now that he got out of his exercise head space, he was starting to wonder what to do next. This woman must’ve been working out for a while before the swap, since he was pretty sweaty; however, he didn’t have any clothes to change into -- none that would fit right anyway. He thought about going back down to his phone and calling her. Then again, he could probably just change into one of his own t-shirts. It’d be oversized and probably look like a dress on him, but he certainly didn’t plan to go out like this. At least not yet...

Monday, May 21, 2018

Playlist (Part 4)

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Without even saying a word, Tim grabbed his phone from his own body’s hands, handing the phone he had in exchange. He put his earbuds in and listened to his own playlist. The heavy metal music made him smile, but it was also so loud that he couldn’t hear whatever the woman in his body was saying. He just nodded. Finally, he took the earbuds out to hear what she had to say.

She rolled her eyes, “You didn’t pay attention to a word I said, did you?”

Tim shrugged.

She sighed, “Just give me your phone. I’ll put my number in it. If you need anything, let me know. And you can do the same for me.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. I got my music back, what else do I need?”

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Playlist (Part 3)

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Tim began to look around for his own body, which had his own phone that (of course) contained his own playlist. It turned out to not be so hard to do so. As he looked across the track, he saw his own body now running right toward him. It appeared that the woman who he swapped bodies with found him long before he even had to look for her. It made sense; it had taken ahim a little while to even notice he had a new body at all.

When she finally approached, she had a stern look on her face.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Playlist (Part 2)

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After hitting pause to stop the obnoxious pop music in his ears, Tim finally started to notice the many other changes. He felt hair brushing on the back of his neck. He reached up and discovered how long he was. He noticed he was now in a new location, and then there was the very obvious fact that he finally noticed: He was in the body of a woman!

He did a quick glance up and down. This body seemed to be in excellent shape, so that was a plus. He wasn’t able to se what he face looked like, but a certain part of him hoped he was attractive. He also felt like he should be covered up a little better, but he supposed it was fashionable for women to show a little skin.

Then there was the matter of locating his own body...

Friday, May 18, 2018


Every morning Tim put on a playlist of heavy metal music and set out for some exercise. Sometimes he hit the gym, but today he decided to just go run on an outdoor track. Things were going pretty well until some sort of bubblegum pop started playing in his ears instead of his beloved metal. He quickly looked down at his phone to see his whole playlist transformed into stuff he’d never listen to in a million years.

In fact, the difference in music was so stark that he didn’t notice many other obvious changes. For instance, he was now standing on the other side of the track -- and in the body of a completely different person -- a woman’s body at that!

But Tim still hadn’t noticed the effects of the Great Shift; he was too focused on fixing his playlist.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


A hole in the fence seemed too good to be true. David had been locked up in this institution for over a year now where they had been running all sorts of weird scientific experiments on him. It seemed far too coincidental that only a day after they managed to transplant his brain into a woman’s body that there was such an obvious breach in security. He was sure they were letting him escape on purpose, but why? And should he take the bait? And if he did, would it mean he’d be stuck in this body forever?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Out of Body Experience

Joe wished he hadn’t listened to his wife about going to that yoga class this morning. She had been pushing for him to go for some time now, and he finally caved. At first it was pretty interesting; he felt like he was getting some good exercise. Then there was a meditation part where he had an out of body experience, which was actually pretty cool. The only problem? He didn’t end up returning to his own body.

Instead he found himself in the body of one of the other women in the class. And she wound up in his. While Joe was in a near panic, the woman was much more matter of fact. She simply explained that Joe needed to pretend to be her for the day. She had several important meetings, so she prepped him by telling him what he needed to know and how to act.

And in between meetings, Joe sat at the woman’s desk in her office and meditated. He hoped he could duplicate what happened, have another out of body experience, and get back to his own body.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Truth

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Raul tried to explain to his co-worker Max.

“It looks like your photocopying your ass, Lucy” Max replied with a smile.

“Well, for starters, I’m not Lucy! Somehow this machine turned me into a copy of her. We tried to fix it, but then she somehow got stuck inside! I know this sounds insane, but you’ve got to help me here!”

Max just laughed. Everyone knew Lucy was the joker around the office. What he never could’ve guessed was the insane story he had just been told was the truth!

Monday, May 14, 2018

How Long

Benjamin checked his bags at the front and walked up to the check in desk at Exchange Island’s main hotel.

“Do you have any questions?” Asked the receptionist.

“When does the body swap take place?” Benjamin asked a little nervously.

“It should be any moment now. For some it happens the instant they arrive; in a few rare cases it can take up to 24 hours.”

No sooner had this been explained than Benjamin felt woozy. He woke up on the floor of a room and started to lift himself up to his feet. He looked down at his new body. It seemed he was going to be a woman for the duration of his vacation, and it looked like she was preparing to go for a swim. Benjamin figured this was a good way as any to start things off; time to head to the beach!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Nursed (Part 2)

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The daily shifts ended, and Dr. Klein and Anna still hadn’t swapped back to their own bodies. This meant Dr. Klein would be going home to Anna’s apartment instead of his home in the suburbs. He hoped Anna could fool his wife and children as well as she fooled his patients today. As much as he loved them though, he decided a break for a night might not be bad. He could live Anna’s single life and go out on the town -- even if that meant going out as a woman.

As he got ready, he admired how attractive Anna’s body was. It was something he had never paid much attention to before looking at his own reflection in her phone. Maybe he’d have more fun than he originally anticipated. Heck, maybe by tomorrow he wouldn’t want to swap back at all!

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Dr. Klein was having a hard time believing what had just happened to him, yet instead of operating on patients he was now sitting behind a desk at the nursing station after swapping bodies with Anna, one of his nurses. He was nervous about handling her responsibilities. After all, with all his years of experience as a doctor, being a nurse should be no problem. On the flip side, he was very concerned about Anna in his body being able to deal with his responsibilities. However, any time he tried to bring up his concerns with her, she shot him down and treated him like a subordinate. He knew this was how some of the doctors at the hospital treated the nurses, but he sure hope he had never acted like that! Still, it was a little jarring for him to see Anna embrace that aspect of the doctor-nurse relationship so quickly. He hoped they would find a way to swap back soon...

Friday, May 11, 2018


Eric couldn’t help but wonder what he did to piss his girlfriend off. It was one thing when she transplanted his brain into a woman’s body -- it was actually sort of interesting at first -- but then she forced him to dress in frilly, pink clothing all the time. He wasn’t just female; he was being made to act feminine. Any time he asked her why she was doing this to him, she would just answer with a smile. No words; just a smile. He realized he was just going to have to deal with it. He’d have to wait it out. And some day, he hoped she would turn him back to normal and put his brain back in his own body. Until then, this was his life.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


While Edward had actually heard of the legend of the magic taxi, he never expected to encounter it while on a business trip halfway around the world. He was stuck in the body of the driver, an older Chinese man, for a while. For starters, in order to swap with another passenger, he was going to have to learn how to say the words “Have a nice day” in a foreign language. He tried swapping with various people, but he must’ve gotten the words wrong. After a while, he just tried to get it right with just about anyone. He actually didn’t intend to swap bodies with the woman he ended up switching with, it just happened to be the first time he actually got the phrase right.

As he stood on the curb, th taxi drove off. He realized he didn’t know much about being a woman, and he certainly didn’t know enough about the language or culture to be a Chinese woman. He sighed. He was probably going to have to figure out a way to immigrate back home. He had heard the process wasn’t easy, but it seemed like a better option than trying to adjust in this country...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Listen to Me

“Karen! What the hell have you done? Why have you strapped me up? Why am I in a woman’s body?” Mike screamed.

“Don’t you recognize her?” Karen asked, “This is the bitch you cheated on me with. I put your brain in her body.”

“Cheated on you? I didn’t! I don’t even know who this is! Please! Karen! You’ve got to listen to me!”

“Stop denying it, Mike. I know it all.”

“Know what?” It didn’t seem to matter how much Mike protested nor how much he explain that he had never cheated. His girlfriend had swapped him into this body, and he had no idea what her plans were after that...

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Crime of the Century

Ralph walked into the room and placed one his hands on his hip, the other he placed on a chair to steady himself. He hated being in a body this old, but it was all part of the plan. A few days ago, he used the body swapper to steal this old lady’s body, then went into her bank to initiate a transfer of all her money into a few offshore accounts owned by either himself or his buddy Frank. He looked over to Frank on the other side of the room, who was checking something out on the computer.

“Has the money cleared yet?” Ralph sighed.

“Not yet, dude.” Frank replied, “We’re talking about millions of dollars. It’s going to take some time.”

“Yeah, and I’m stuck in this damned body until it goes through. We can’t risk her canceling the transfers.” “It can’t be that bad.”

“I’m a freaking old lady! My joints hurt! My skin is wrinkled! I don’t even want to describe what it’s like to change and take a shower every day! I’ll just be glad when this is all over and I can swap back into my own body!”

Monday, May 7, 2018


Over the past few years, SwapCon had quickly become the latest convention craze. It started with a small annual event in a single city, and now events were held every few weeks in various places across the globe. Malcolm had been attending since the beginning. In the early days, you’d swap bodies with another attendee and it would wear off in a day or two. The technology now allowed you to stay swapped permanently, or at least until you decided to attend another SwapCon.

With all the different bodies at all the different SwapCons over the years, Malcolm had to admit the one he ended up with this year was his favorite. In fact, he was thinking about never going back to another SwapCon simply because he enjoyed this new body so much. It was the kind of body he had always dreamed of swapping with from the very beginning -- thin, beautiful, female. Plus, the whole thing was getting a lot more commercial and much more expensive than it used to be. And considering the people he’d randomly swapped with in years past, it seemed doubtful it could ever get any better than this!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Couldn't (Part 3)

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Jason didn’t want to be a woman, and he certainly didn’t want to get married as one! But before he could protest too much, he found a note addressed to him on a table.

“To Jason:

”I’m sorry. It’s not fair, I know. My parents arranged this marriage for me long before we moved here. Trust me when I say that no amount of protest will change their mind. Even if you tell the truth about swapping bodies, they would probably make you go through with the ceremony before sending you to the insane asylum. It wasn’t fair for me to do this to you, but I wanted to keep my freedom. I’m sorry.

“Love, Niti.”

Even reading it, Jason still couldn’t believe it. In fact, even as Niti’s sisters and mother helped squeeze him into a gorgeous dress, he still couldn’t believe it. He was about to be married. He was about to walk down an aisle. And it was true, even if he let out a slight peep of objection, Niti’s mom shut him down. He was going to have to go through with this, but he only hoped once it was over, he could focus on finding a way to swap back...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Couldn't (Part 2)

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When Jason awoke the next morning, he expected the woman he had met the night before to greet him with a smile on a pillow beside him. Instead, an older woman shouted at him, “Niti! It’s time to get up!”

Jason had so many questions. Who was this woman? Why was she calling him Niti? The woman grabbed his arm and demanded again, “Niti, we need to get you ready for your wedding!”

That’s when Jason noticed his arm. It was slender, more feminine, and the skin was darker. It didn’t take him wrong to recognize it though -- it belonged to the woman from the club last night, the woman who had brought him back to her place.

From this angle, it was even more apparent why he agreed to go home with her last night, even if sleeping with a soon-to-be-maried woman seemed like a bad idea. In her green silk robe, her curves and beauty were even more clear than they were the night before. The only downside right now seemed to be those curves belonged to him and a pushed older lady -- presumably this woman’s mother -- was now pushing him to get ready for a that he would now be attending as the bride!

Friday, May 4, 2018


It wasn’t often that Jason went out, but his friends had pushed him into going out to the club one evening. He was shocked that within minutes, a woman approached him. She whispered in his ear to tell him she was getting married tomorrow, but she wanted just one last fling. Jason had no idea why she selected him, but when he looked straight into her gorgeous eyes, he knew he couldn’t say no. After a quick drink, she lead him out of the club and back to her place.

He was stumbling on the walk back. He couldn’t quite understand why. After all, he just had the one drink. In fact, before any sort of intimacy could occur, he ended up passing out on the bed instead.

Unfortunately for Jason, this was all part of her plan, and the next morning he’d be in for the shock of his life.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seems Like a Nice Break

“Oh my God! Is that my body? How did we? How did we switch bodies?” Stephanie exclaimed.

“I’m not sure how this happened either,” Jerome explained, “But if I have to be a woman, at least I’m a white woman. I mean, I hate to break this to you, but my life isn’t easy. Cops will pull you over even if you aren’t doing anything wrong. You’ll see people look at you suspiciously...”

“Hey, wait a second. Do you really think being a woman is going to be easy? Guys you don’t know will grab you in places that I promise you won’t like. And don’t get me started about the way people will be looking at you...”

“Still seems like a nice break from what I deal with.”

“I guess we’ll see...”

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

No Glove, No Love (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
“So what do we do now?” William asked while he put a hand on his hip, “Do we just kiss again and swap back?”

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy,” Fiona sighed, “My power needs some time to reset. That usually takes a couple days to happen.”

“A couple days? I’m going to be stuck as you for a couple days?”

“I’m afraid so. We’ll just pretend to be each other, okay? It shouldn’t be so bad. I’m glad you know. I’m just sorry you had to find out in this way.”

“I guess I’ll deal,” William finally said after a bit of a pause, “This is so weird though...”

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

No Glove, No Love

William had been dating Fiona for six months, and finally he built up the bravery to give her a kiss. At the end of one of their dates, he finally decided to take initiative and planted one on her. The next thing he knew, he was tugging on a skirt; he was wearing Fiona’s skirt; he had Fiona’s body! He looked at his own body blankly.

He finally spoke, “What happened?”

Fiona sighed, “There’s a reason I haven’t kissed you, William. There’s a reason I haven’t even touched you or let you touch me. There’s a reason I wear gloves all the time. It’s not that I don’t like you; I like you a lot. It’s just that I have -- well, I don’t know if it’s a power or a curse -- but when I touch someone else, I swap bodies with them.”