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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Teacher

Back when he was in high school, Mark always had trouble concentrating in Miss Park’s class. All the guys had agreed she was the hottest teacher in school, and it didn’t help that she always wore short skirts. Of course, if looking at Miss Park was a distracting; actually being her was a bigger one! As Mark stood in front of the high school class awkwardly teaching Miss Park’s lesson for the day, he nervously pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and thought about how he got himself in this situation.

Mark actually hadn’t thought about Miss Park or any of his other teachers much in the five years since he graduated, but he sure did recognize her when he saw her at the supermarket. She was wearing the same short skirts he remember, and she even smiled when he said hello as she made it a point to remember her former students. But then Mark suddenly felt something at his back. It felt like he was hit by a giant truck or something. Whatever it was, the next thing he knew, his soul pushed into Miss Park’s body and her soul ended up in his.

She brought Mark back to her apartment, explained her lesson plans and what he had to teach for the next few days. Mark tried to pay attention, but he kept looking down and seeing those long, attractive legs. It was even weirder to think that those legs were now his! He kept hoping this was all a bad dream he would wake up from, but the next day, he awoke and found he was still in Miss Park’s body.

It got worse when he looked in her closet to get ready for the day to find that she didn’t own anything other than short skirts. He knew the day wasn’t going to be easy. And as he stood there he kept hoping it was only going to be a day. He felt so uncomfortable knowing all the guys in class were staring at him the way he stared at Miss Park five years ago...


  1. very well written, good pic. part 2?

  2. He's been given a unique opportunity "to walk a mile in her shoes" He can either face this experience as opportune 'empowerment' or a humiliating potential exploitation.

    Simply pragmatically lay aside societal hypocrisy and as the US Army motto used to quip "BE, ALL that you CAN be..." the 'force of Nature' and a physical Avatar of the Goddess... as She intended.