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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Billionaire

Being a billionaire, Harvey wasn’t about to let the Great Shift spoil his life one little bit. The moment he found himself in a woman’s body, he was insistent on finding a solution. In fact, he was pretty sure one of his research divisions might already have one. He didn’t even bother changing out of the clothes the woman wore. He simply located his original body, called up his personal helicopter pilot, and set off.

A few hours later, he landed near the facility. Unfortunately, all of brilliant people he had hired to work for him now all seemed to have idiot’s brains inside them. There was likely a solution there, but no one knew how to find it, let alone pull it off.

Frustrated, Harvey made his way back to his helicopter only to find that the pilot, the woman in his original body, and the copter itself were all gone. Either she convinced the pilot to take off with it, or (perhaps) that wasn’t his trustworthy employee in the pilot’s body. Harvey was stuck for now...

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