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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Couldn't (Part 3)

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Jason didn’t want to be a woman, and he certainly didn’t want to get married as one! But before he could protest too much, he found a note addressed to him on a table.

“To Jason:

”I’m sorry. It’s not fair, I know. My parents arranged this marriage for me long before we moved here. Trust me when I say that no amount of protest will change their mind. Even if you tell the truth about swapping bodies, they would probably make you go through with the ceremony before sending you to the insane asylum. It wasn’t fair for me to do this to you, but I wanted to keep my freedom. I’m sorry.

“Love, Niti.”

Even reading it, Jason still couldn’t believe it. In fact, even as Niti’s sisters and mother helped squeeze him into a gorgeous dress, he still couldn’t believe it. He was about to be married. He was about to walk down an aisle. And it was true, even if he let out a slight peep of objection, Niti’s mom shut him down. He was going to have to go through with this, but he only hoped once it was over, he could focus on finding a way to swap back...

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