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Monday, May 7, 2018


Over the past few years, SwapCon had quickly become the latest convention craze. It started with a small annual event in a single city, and now events were held every few weeks in various places across the globe. Malcolm had been attending since the beginning. In the early days, you’d swap bodies with another attendee and it would wear off in a day or two. The technology now allowed you to stay swapped permanently, or at least until you decided to attend another SwapCon.

With all the different bodies at all the different SwapCons over the years, Malcolm had to admit the one he ended up with this year was his favorite. In fact, he was thinking about never going back to another SwapCon simply because he enjoyed this new body so much. It was the kind of body he had always dreamed of swapping with from the very beginning -- thin, beautiful, female. Plus, the whole thing was getting a lot more commercial and much more expensive than it used to be. And considering the people he’d randomly swapped with in years past, it seemed doubtful it could ever get any better than this!

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